Hello, good people of the fanon portal. This is an update on Choices including news about Gifts and Book 2, so if you care enough to read it, you might get some questions answered, and you also might have a chance to say if you want Gifts to come out sooner or later. So stay with me.


Gifts. Stupid, effing Gifts. Now this was one of the chapters that I had been working out in my head for awhile. So I thought it would be easy to write, right?

Oh, how wrong I was.

This chapter has me about ready to scream and throw my computer across the room. It has sucked up about 6 months of my life. That's right. 6 months. That's more than all my other delays combined. Choices was even declared inactive.

And that has me angry... At myself of course.

But believe me, I have not been sitting on my ass the past 6 months (Well, I have. It's a by-product of writer's block and typing on a computer. But continuing...) I've got the second book and most of the third book's plot all lined up. I even had an idea for another fanon, but that's something for another time.

So, 6 months have gone by. And I still don't think Gifts is ready to be read. But it is close to being done, as in the actual story. I'm going to take a page out of Millennia's book, and ask you a question: Would you be willing to read a possibly sub-par chapter?

(Of course, this is simply my opinion that it's not good enough. I never think any of my chapters are good enough to be posted. They're mostly published on impluse. And also keep in mind that I've been looking at this thing for 6 months.)

So, if you just want to see what happens and you don't care if it might not be a complete masterpiece, say so in the comments. And please comment if you care about my mental state.


And now for some possibly better news. Book One is (almost) done, and now we're moving onto Book 2, Red Guilt.

Which will be much better than Book 1. I promise you.

Why will it be better you ask? Well...

  1. We will finally have some antagonists! Yay! And because ya'll have been so nice about waiting for some action, there will be two main antagonst organizations. Both were mentioned (somewhat). One of them will be following the Avatar storyline, and the other will be included in the Fire Nation storyline.
  2. There will be more action. Duh.
  3. As I have said before, Sokka and Suki will make an appearance in Book 2.
  4. There will be a lot more original characters. And I mean a lot.
  5. The spirits are going to be taking a backseat. There will be almost no scenes in the Spirit World.
  6. And hopefully, it won't take as long to write, because I've been working on bits of it for awhile.

So, please comment. Hope you're excited for Book 2. Because I am.


Evatar114 (talk) 01:29, July 3, 2011 (UTC)

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