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    Hello, good people of the fanon portal. This is an update on Choices including news about Gifts and Book 2, so if you care enough to read it, you might get some questions answered, and you also might have a chance to say if you want Gifts to come out sooner or later. So stay with me.


    Gifts. Stupid, effing Gifts. Now this was one of the chapters that I had been working out in my head for awhile. So I thought it would be easy to write, right?

    Oh, how wrong I was.

    This chapter has me about ready to scream and throw my computer across the room. It has sucked up about 6 months of my life. That's right. 6 months. That's more than all my other delays combined. Choices was even declared inactive.

    And that has me angry... At myself of course.

    But belie…

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    The Chase

    November 30, 2010 by Evatar114

    One of my personal favorite episodes is The Chase because of its awesome fight scene, but I watched it again, and I noticed some stuff that was questionable, but it's still my favorite...

    Toph has just joined the Gaang, and refuses to do any of the work, which gets Katara all steamed (Get it? 'Cuz steam is like hot water...). They are constantly chased by a huge train tank with Mai, Azula, and Ty Lee inside. The chase leaves them sleep deprived and puts them at each others throats even more. This gets so bad that Toph leaves and comes across Iroh, who's looking for Zuko, who left two episodes ago. He gives her some advice, which leads her back to Gaang just in time to help them out with an fight involving, in order of appearance: Aang, Azula,…

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    Things Not Seen

    October 19, 2010 by Evatar114

    As most of you probably don't know, I changed the name of Faithless to Things Not Seen. I actually just read a book by that name, and it was really good. Also, I think this is a more appropriate name because-

    Well, you'll see once the chapter's out...

    ...which brings me to the main point of this blog post. I'm about halfway through Things Not Seen, and something's come up. I actually have enough in the chapter that it would be a perfect segue to the next chapter and eventually, the final chapters. But the problem is that it's really short. Like, it'll probably be about two pages once I'm done editng and stuff.

    Now this seems too short to me, but I just want to publish the stupid thing and get it over with, because more awesome chapters are ah…

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    Monsters of Men

    September 29, 2010 by Evatar114

    Ok, this has absoulutely nothing to do with Avatar, but it does have quite a bit to do with Choices, so bear with me.

    As most of you probably don't know, Monsters of Men, the third book in the Chaos Walking series, came out yesterday. I HAVE TO READ IT, for two reasons.

    1. I can't finish Faithless until I do! That's how much this has been nagging me.

    And the biggest reason and one that's pushing me closer to the edge is...

    2. What if Todd/Viola dies? I'm sorry, but I honestly wouldn't feel comfortable writing about characters who die in their actual story.
    3. Plus, this whole story is almost ruining the books for me. I'll still write it, but I'm insanely scared that I'm screwing the charcters up or the message of the book. I can say honestly that Cha…

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    September 22, 2010 by Evatar114

    I have finally made character pages for Choices! Hooray!

    • Viola Eade
    • Todd Hewitt
    • Azula
    • Wangji
    • The Sisters

    Some of my pages may be really short, but as soon as more stuff happens, I promise to expand.

    And expect delays on Faithless. It's Watch Me all over again... And by that I mean that chapter took about 6 weeks to come out. But a little bit of info is that this is one of the first chapters that really focuses on Azula, Zuko, and Mai.

    Happy readings! Evatar114

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