Hi everyone! A lot of you have been asking for a Meelo cam video. Since school started for me, I started a advanced video tech class that teaches how to use all the features of adobe. So I thought about it and I decided to make a video of the Meelo Cam once I get the hang of the software to the point I can draw advanced. Were going to be learning about Adobe pretty soon, right now were learning how to enhance the size of a small photo by hand and how to shade a perfect ammount. I'll try my best at making it, I guess it will be my second video because I want to learn from my mistakes in my first video. Talk to you later!

UPDATE 10-4-12:

Ok, we just started using the software and were on the beginner's level. I spoke with my teacher and she said that Adobe illistrator isn't what she calls "The Best" when making an animation, so I saw a software made by the same people who make my manga studio debut 4 software. It's a lot easier to use and you upload your drawings and can control what the characters can do. Right now I'm stuck between these two softwares and I gotta decide. But I'm gonna print out the pictures of the cast and I'm gonna re-design Korra's outfit and make the crew. Lately, I've been thinking about making a Meelo Cam 3 but I gotta think it through, I just got the idea of Amon (Noatok) sitting at the makeup station and having a disscussion with the makeup artist. Tha'ts all I have for that lol.

I just found out I have a animation software that was installed when i bought my drawing tablet. Aye aye aye!

UPDATE 11-6-12

Hey, I did a little thinking and after a pretty bad storm (another on the way) and thinking about all the difficulties about making a video, i decided to make it a comic. The reason is because, it's always a problem finding people to voice a character and hand-drawn animation is still new to me. I have a software meant to make comics so I can use that to make the comic. I can make it into a split part comic or a whole 1 shot deal. Not sure on that part haha.

UPDATE 9-13-13

Wow! Cannot believe its been that long lol! I have been SO busy that i cimpletely forgot about this! I did some thinking and after seeing the newset episodes of Korra (and loving every milisecond of it) I decided to try and make the comic. I started school again so to make things easier for me, I'm gonna make it into different parts. Since I got some free time this weekend, I'm gonna start looking to find out how to draw Meelo, Korra, Mako, Bolin, Tenzin etc. I'll start studying it this weekend! Hopefully get some progress!!!

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