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    Meelo Cam video

    September 18, 2012 by Etweens96

    Hi everyone! A lot of you have been asking for a Meelo cam video. Since school started for me, I started a advanced video tech class that teaches how to use all the features of adobe. So I thought about it and I decided to make a video of the Meelo Cam once I get the hang of the software to the point I can draw advanced. Were going to be learning about Adobe pretty soon, right now were learning how to enhance the size of a small photo by hand and how to shade a perfect ammount. I'll try my best at making it, I guess it will be my second video because I want to learn from my mistakes in my first video. Talk to you later!

    Ok, we just started using the software and were on the beginner's level. I spoke with my teacher and she said that Adobe i…

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  • Etweens96

    Hi everyone! I'm just writing this blog post to ask ideas for The Meelo Cam 2. If you read Meelo cam I thank you for that! Here are the characters I'm planning for The Meelo Cam 2

    Cheif Bei Fong















    and Tarrlok

    Please comment below, all ideas will be considered. And thank you for all reading the Meelo Cam! If you haven't read it heres the link

    Have a great day!

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