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    Operation Kino released this interview with the Track Team today. They talk about Legend of Korra, of course, as well as A:TLA, Kung Fu Panda, and some other projects. They also released a few tracks from the soundtrack of LOK. The podcast is available for download at the bottom of that page, as well as on iTunes.

    • First up, at about 48:30, there is a piece by a string ensemble a an erhu. The instrumentation and melodies remind me of 50's film scores, but with a slight Asian twist.
    • At 54:50, a very ominous-sounding bit of music reminiscent of the A:TLA finale. The use of dissonance is pretty effective, if you ask me. Could this possibly be Amon's theme? EDIT: It's called "Amon in the Shadows", so pretty much confirmed.
    • Third, at about 58:20 thereā€¦
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