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  • Esl550

    It occurred to me that the success of Korra could motivate Nick to try their hand (and presumably M. Night's) at a second installment in the film trilogy.

    Originally, Nick had planned to make Avatar their "Harry Potter" and, according to Wikipedia, timed the release of the first movie with a marketing push. That makes sense, since Korra was announced in 2010. This was an obvious move/business strategy, since Avatar was making so much money and popularlity hadn't seemed to wane. The latter was confirmed by the legion of disappointed fans after the movie (read: atrocity) came out.

    Now with Korra, Nick has seen that Avatar-enthusiasm is still going very, very strong. Some viewers are just about too young to remember the previous series or film …

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  • Esl550

    I've only been a real, hardcore, tumblr-scouring fan of the Avatar universe for about 2 months, but in that time I've come to realize how amazing the writing and creative direction is for both shows. Like other viewers, I was left with mixed-feelings as Tenzin congratulated "Avatar Korra" and the credits began rolling. Should I be happy or sad that things wrapped up so well? Is it good or bad that the presumably lengthy wait for Book 2 will not be spent in worry and what-if's? What can be expected as Korra's journey continues?

    All of this is subjective, of course. Reading the comments here and on other sites, it seems that opinions are dichotic and generally tend toward the negative side. In this, my first post, I want to humbly offer the Av…

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