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May 13, 2011
  • Ergotth

    Bloodbending through metalbending the iron in the blood

    ok, first of all, the general introduction: bending takes the aspect of manipulating the element in the physical meaning, without messing with all the molecular, chemical meanings over the element, meaning, metalbending does not apply to SPECIFIC metals, and thus, coming to the question, the concentration of Fe in the human's blood is REALLY small to any bending effect.

    In a way easy to imagine, see the human body as a bottle filled with 1L water, with the traditional bloodbending, you could move the bottle by bending the water inside, now put more or less 50 grains of sand in that water and mix it well. with earthbending, that sand would do little to no effect on the bottle, you wouldb…

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  • Ergotth

    This is something thats kinda bugging me now: if benders can bend fire (lighting included), water (almost all liquids and physical states included), earth (minerals included) and air (and...well...AIR...included), meaning, they bend, in order, an energy, a substance, a solid and gaseous matter, why didnt they invented someone who can bend light, whose properties are balancing between matter and energy? like, dunno, the lightbender creates something like light quick slashes, create a pitch-black darkness to blind their opponents (since darkness is pure absence of light, they would likelly "bend" darkness with blinding properties, like a bender's smokescreen) or even turn themselves and anything desired partially or completly invisible, and …

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