Ok this question has been bugging me for months. How could Air Nomad women give up their children? Even if someone did believe in freedom and such, what would happen to a women who wanted to keep her baby? Could the child have been taken from her against her will?  Considering how the Air Nomad masters seem to be willing to cause harm to the individual (Taking Aang away from Gyatso.) they seem to be very willing to follow "the greater good" even if it hurts a particular person.

My thoughts are that there could have been women and men Air Nomads who rejected the conventional Air Nomad rules of giving up their children and had families similiar to Aang and Katara.

If Air Nomad men and women would come together to have children, and their population was extremely small how did incest not occur? I imagine their must have been someone keeping tabs on who was related to whom, a massive cave of geneology archives sealed off in the deepest section of the Air Temples (fantastic fanfic idea) that were used so that if a particular air nomad wanted to have children with a another then they could prevent dangerous in breeding.

Any thoughts or ideas?

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