Well well, so it seems the long awaited "the search" storyline, which is family focused on personal issues within the Fire Nation royal family will come to an end and a brand new story was announced. 

"The Rift" will deal with The Gaang and how Republic City was formed, and luckily for the fans of Toph Beifong [including me] she will be back, after being absent on "the search". 

According to Gene Luen Yang, "What happened to me is that as I watched the show, Zuko was my favorite character, but now that I'm writing it, it's Toph. I mean, I liked Toph before, but now I love Toph," hinting that her role on "the rift" will be much more important than what her role was on his previous works. 

The continuation, announced to debut on March 5, 2014 will deal with all that. 

It's too early for assuming anything, but soon on September Legend of Korra Book2 will air, bringing news about the first Avatar, Wan and of course The Search 3, which will debut - October 30, 2013

And a question that has been brought up constantly fans, me included, which relates to the different culture of Republic City, do you think "The rift" will also deal with this mysterious, sudden changes we seen from the end of the Hundred Year War up until Aang's flashback in "Out of the Past", which represented a 40 year gap or "rift", between the end of one show to another?

Finally, it seems like the bridge between both shows is to be built.

What are your thoughts on that? What are your expectations? And most importantly, will the almost constant questions of the fans be solved on this one?

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