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July 26, 2014
  • Eiskatze

    Okay; This is probably a crackship mad idea, but I kept looking at Zaheer while watching Korra and he reminded me of someone from the A:TLA universe, but I couldn't ever quite put my finger on it.

    And then it hit me:

    Could Zaheer be Teo's son?

    That might explain how he developed such a strong interest in preserving/studying air nomad culture. After all, to the average non-bender, it's been seen to be a very boring subject unless you're fully willing to immerse yourself in, and for a non-bending child to learn about the culture in a rapidly decaying temple overrun by machines and technology; the sight could've possibly led young Zaheer to become inspired and want to preserve and teach what he knows of the Air Nomad culture.

    Not to mention That …

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