Well first of all sorry if this is not blog worthy. This is my first blog so I am just kinda rolling with it lol. I guess there is a first time for everything haha. Anyways, my first blog idea is not really much. Probably might not even be much of a discussion but we shall see what happens and I can learn from this experience. Well here it goes.

Fellow members, obviously each and everyone of us here is quite the fan of the Avatar series for we have all taken a big step into the Avatar universe by joining this community. Here, we are able to see everything we could possibly imagine about the Avatar universe come into creation simply from just reading up on information about the characters from the main stories all the way to reading the stories of other dedicated fans that branch off from the original story either completely or partially.

Now I am not sure about all of you, my fellow members, but this beautiful fantasy created by the world of Avatar is something I dream would become a reality. In our reality we live divided in several nations just as the nations in the Avatar series. However, the Avatar universe is far different from our own. This series has just made me want to become a part of the fantasy it creates far more than anything else. The ability to bend and all the things the people in the world of Avatar are capable of achieving are things we here in the real world can only dream of achieving. If that were our reality, well that would just be absolutely amazing.

Hopefully others here in this community understand or even perhaps agree with my outlook on this.

P.S. My appologies if this blog is poorly done or if I sound a littly crazy. Like i said this is my first lol. :)

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