Aang and Katara

True Love Forever…

It's a sunny day today Aang thought, Katara decided to go shopping and I decided to tag along. While Sokka had to stay at the cottage and eat all the food we have. Were borrowing a cottage to stay at in Ba Sing Se. Zuko's paying for it. He said we can stay as long as we like. Oh man Katara's so beautiful its hard to take my eyes off of her. She hasn't really talked about "us" since we kissed at sunset 3 years ago. I haven't had the chance to talk to her about having a relationship yet. I bet she thinks that we should just be friends. I wonder if Sokka would be pissed of if I asked her out. Oh well what's he is going to do about it if she says yes, besides I am the Avatar. I thinks tonight's the night I talk to her.

When we got inside Sokka greeted us with a raise of an apple and a nod. "Have you been eating the entire time we were gone?" Katara glared at him. "Well no, I haven't been eating when I grab more food." Sokka replied trying to smile with chewed up apple in his mouth. "He hasn't changed a bit" I told Katara. "No he hasn't" she replied. "I am going to take a bath" Katara said. "And don't get any ideas" Katara said with a wink. Then she went into the bathroom. How did she know that I am into her? Maybe she's into me as well. The thought made me smile. I could hear her running the hot water and then getting in. The thought made me quiver all over imagining. I went and sat beside Sokka on the couch. "What's up?" I asked. He looked at me and shrugged and swallowed "Nothing much really." He chewed and swallowed the last bit of his apple and then throwed the core into the garbage. He then stood up. "I am going to go take a look at the weapons shop" Sokka said and went for the door. "See yah later" I said and smiled when he left. Now I can talk to Katara in private. I stood up and walked to the bathroom door, and stood right in front of it. "Hey Katara"

"Yeah"?" she replied. "Can I have a bath after you're done?"


"Ok thanks" I then said, I was kind of smelly from the sweat my body produced when I was shopping with Katara. "Hey Aang" what did Katara want? "What?" I asked wondering what she would say. "If you want you can come in now and wait" What the, I wasn't expecting that. Why would she want to let me see her naked in the bathtub?. Well for whatever it was it was a score. Just thinking made me shake. "Ok" I said hoping I didn't wait to long to answer. I turned the knob and went inside. Katara was lying in the bathtub with just her head sticking out. It was a bubble bath so I couldn't see anything. I leaned against the sink which was right beside the tub. "Hai" is all I said. "Hi" Katara replied. "I need to talk to you Katara." I told her. "I need to talk to you to Aang" she answered. I wonder why, I only knew what I was going to talk to her about. "When I get out we can talk in my room." She said. It was funny I couldn't keep my eyes of her. I loved the ocean blue color of her eyes. I always got captured in them, lost in thought I guess. "Can you pass me a towel?" she asked I didn't respond. "Aang?" I snapped back into reality "Oh sure Katara" I gave a quick laugh blushing and scratching my head. What were you doing idiot I thought. I went into the cabinet and got her a towel it was blue. I handed it to her. And then just stood there. "Aang could you look away for a moment please." She asked "Sure thing I said, I am a fool of course I have to look away. "Ok, I will be waiting on the couch." I told her and then opened the door and walked out. She didn't say anything back; I sat down on the couch. Waiting for Katara to come out. "Hey Aang! I am ready for you!"

"K" I replied. Getting up and heading out to her room. Katara was wearing a blue night gown. The one that made her boobs look big. As soon as I walked in I stared. "Aang?" she asked "Are you alright?"

"Hmmm... Oh I am fine" I snapped back into reality. What the hell was I thinking? "Oh... OK then you wanted to talk to me?"


"Well what about?" Katara looked concerned. "Well, I have been having thoughts… well you know about us"

"Aang were best friends why would you think I don't want to be your friend anymore?" Katara replied looking confused. "No, not like that... I mean I still think about the last time we kissed"

"It's ok Aang… I mean I have feelings for you too" Katara replied.

"You understand then, what im talking about."

"Yea, I mean that's what I was thinking about." Katara said

"Then why haven't you said anything sooner?"

"Because I was waiting for the right time" She then replied. "Ohhh…" I said finally understanding. "So Katara do you think it's possible for us you know to be toge-"I was cut off by the wonderful taste of Katara's lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around her waist. She did the same, then as are lips parted and we took some breaths. "I love you Aang" she said smiling, her smile was the most beautiful thing. And I loved her tanned skin. "I love you too Katara" I replied. Then she laid down on the bed pulling me with her. And are lips touched once more. She was so beautiful I almost didn't want to close my eyes. And then she wrapped her arms around my neck. It was the best kiss I have ever had. I heard the door creak open and then a gasp. Oh crap… its Sokka. Katara must have noticed to for she stopped kissing me and let go of me. I stood up to Sokka running towards me, but before I could react. He had my shoulders in his hands and he pushed me into the wall so hard I thought I heard a crack. "DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH MY SISTER LIKE THAT AGAIN!" He yelled and he punched me in the face. Anyone but me would have gotten pissed off and dropped his ass. But not me I am the avatar and I am supposed to be peaceful. He let go of me "SOKKA!" Katara said she looked very mad. "I kissed him he didn't kiss me!"

"But why?" Sokka said looking confused. "Because were in love" Katara said.

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