Mako and Bolin
I posted the content of this blog in the Korra season finale discussion thread and like many comments it got buried. I feel as though more people should see it.

This is perhaps my last attempt to salvage some of the Mako "hate". I'm not going to argue that those of you who dislike him are wrong. On the contrary, a lot of you have legitimate reasons to dislike his character. With that being said of course you're going to dislike Mako if you only look at his personality from one facet, that is the love triangle. The following has been brought to my attention by the user Chi13i.

"Another thing that one can point to as a rather subtle indication of Mako's character is Bolin. Really consider this for a moment. Think about how Bolin turned out as a person, and then realize that a lot of that was probably because of Mako. This is also something people tend to overlook because it's subtle. Mako has effectively spent the majority of his life not only without parents, but also sort of having to BE a parent, and all things considered, he has done a pretty good job of it. He lost his parents when he was 8 (and was present for it, that alone would screw a kid up a little), and he is now 18. Ten whole years of having to be on his own, figuring out stuff on his own, having no father figure to guide him through his most confusing years, all while having to look out for his little brother. That is a double whammy right there. He has had to take jobs to keep them afloat, during this worlds version of the 1920's which were not known for fair treatment of labor. Given Bolin's physique, it is likely that Mako probably gave Bolin more helpings of food than himself, insuring that Bolin ate as well as possible at the possible expense of his own health. Given that, I think I'd be willing to cut the kid a little slack all things considered."

Think of the many times that Mako has shown how much he cares about his brother. In episode 5, as Bolin injured his shoulder in the ring Mako lost his focus on the match and immediatly showed concern for Bolin's well being.In episode 3, after tiresome hours working at a powerplant with little payment Mako managed to stop by a restaurant to pick up his brothers "favorite dumplings". Then spent the entire remaining epsiode searching for his brother as he was kidnapped. In episode 5, Bolin was seen cyring in a tavern. Mako gave him a rather mean lecture but then proceeded to carry Bolin on his back all the way back to the attic as Bolin kicked and screamed.

In regards to the love trinagle have some of you considered that while he is a legal adult he's raised himself and his brother from age of 8. Since then he's had no parental guidance so most certainly not any advice from a parent on how to be in a relationship. Korra and Asami are his first relationships and he screwed it up royally. But with all the negative he's done that doesn't override the positive attributes of his character.

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