• Earthbndr

    Water- the water shadowed bender has to be master paku, due to his robes and his hair and beard.

    Earth- the shadowed bender is noother than avatar roku's earthbending master Sud, recognized by his top knot and his ful facial beard, also Sud was actualy supposed to be the character design for toph, a big strong man, until the creaters wanted to make a joke and made a little girl , which instead they loved as a achatacter. so technacly the earth bedning shadowed master was Toph (1st creation)/ or Sud depending on how u look at it.

    Fire-the fire shadowed bender has to be azula due to her topknot and her 2 loose strands of har, aslo her clothing looks like wat she wears in combat in the series. her fire is red just to show the basic ways of fire…

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  • Earthbndr

    The Symbols of Bending

    August 14, 2010 by Earthbndr

    The Firebending symbol."The symbol for fire and Firebending is a stylized, tulip-shaped flame forked into three tongues that curve outward like flower petals, with a spiral at the base (to signify that fire is a source of life not just destruction as mentioned by the Sun Warriors)." Fire as stated by the Sun Warriors is ment to be a way of life that is why a tulip is shown inside the flames.

    "In a way, this symbol vaguely resembles a seated Badgermole" This may be because the badgermoles as [mentioned by Toph] used earthbending not only to fight but as a way to communicate with the earth and to extend their senses therefore by using a seated badgemole it shows that earthbending is a way of being one with the earth. i believe that badgermol…

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