• I live in Republic City
  • My occupation is Earthbender
  • I am Male
  • Earthbending

    So, I just got finished reading The Promise part 1 and 2, and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with it. I thought it was great, the story, the art, and really captured the essence that is Avatar: The Last Airbender. It is also a tie-in to A:TLA and TLoK, and so will the upcoming The Search trilogy. I think there's also an opporunity to focus on TLoK mainly, in a graphic novel.

    There's the first episode of Korra. It skips from her being, say, 3-5 years old to then 17. There's a lot of opportunity there, (yes, opportunity again), to create a graphic novel, much like The Search, where it has a story of her training of mastering Water, Earth, and Fire. I think this could be a great part of the lore, especially if you add in these charact…

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  • Earthbending

    Here I am writing on the concern of the advancing technology in the Avatar universe. If you have seen A:TLA you would know that a lot of the technology can be advanced, like airships and tanks, but there are also a lot of ancient looking elements to it as well.

    In The Legend of Korra, in a matter of 70 years the tech had advanced dramatically from what we saw in A:TLA. What we have in TLOK would be something a lot like 1920's or so in terms of the technology they have. Now, assuming they make another series aftet TLOK, how would it be?

    This is concerning because it would seem if you got into modern tech, it would ruin the feel of Avatar. Something about me says that jets, modern cars, and rocketships wouldn't fit one bit into the universe, b…

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