Hey, so someone made a interesting analysis about the release date/leaks, and it actually makes sense!

Here's the whole thing they wrote, followed by the original source:

What if Nick's behind the leaks? An analysis.

Bear with me here, people.

Isn’t it awfully convenient that the first leaks showed up right as Korra interest was starting to die down? How the leaks almost always come out on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, around the same time of day? How the leaker hasn’t been arrested yet, despite putting the biggest watermark ever all over every single leak?

So we know that a) the leaks follow a schedule of some sort and b) the leaks are at least partially used to get the Avatar fandom - undoubtedly Nick’s largest and most active fanbase - to visit the Winx fansite. Winx, I might remind you, is a new show also airing on Nick.

The leaker has said that he’ll be posting new clips and screenshots at regular intervals to “get people pumped about the show”. That seems an odd thing for a leaker to say - why hasn’t he just uploaded the full episode yet? What’s the point of stretching it out? There isn’t one (unless he just enjoys the attention, which is certainly possible), but if it’s actually a Nick employee, suddenly that makes sense.

What do we know now?

a) Leaks follow a schedule

b) Leaks attempt to draw attention to Winx, another new Nickelodeon show

c) Leaker is trying to pump up the fanbase without revealing the entire episode

Of course, most of this is speculation - but now, we move onto the more compelling evidence.

Remember the day the opening leaked? I sure do - December 3rd, 2011. It was the first ever Korra leak and the first info that wasn’t officially sanctioned. Yeah, that was an awesome Saturday.

And did you guys see that little story about how Bryan felt after the opening leaked? It goes like so:

"Okay, so this person who interned at Nick on Spongebob came back to school and gave a talk. She was there the day that the Korra opening got leaked. When she went into the break room, Bryan was there angrily buttering a bagel. Can you imagine? Angrily. Buttering. A bagel. Poor thing. What have we done to him? - <a href="">googleberry</a>"

Wow. What a sad little - waitasecond. The Korra opening was leaked on a Saturday afternoon after five PM East Coast time, where I live. For this to have happened, Bryan would have had to be eating a bagel in the break room at around 2:30 in the afternoon California time at the very earliest. On a Saturday, when he likely wouldn’t have even been at work. So either the story isn’t true, or one of the following happened:

1 - Bryan was mad about something else entirely, on a different day.

2 - Bryan was still upset about the opening - upset enough to prepare a snack with visible fury - two days later, on Monday.

3 - Bryan was angry over the opening on Friday, before it leaked, because he KNEW it was going to happen and he wasn’t happy about it.

So the total information now?

a) Leaks follow a schedule

b) Leaks attempt to draw attention to Winx, another new Nickelodeon show

c) Leaker is trying to pump up the fanbase without revealing the entire episode

d) Bryan may have been upset about the leaks before they happened, as the timeline doesn’t match up

But the biggest evidence of all comes in the form of tweets made earlier this afternoon by the official Nickelodeon twitter account:[/i]

[size=6pt]-see my (Earth Angel) previous post for Nick tweets-[/size]

[i]Ladies and gentlemen: the elaborate plan is the leaking schedule.[/i]

<a href="">credit/source</a>

so yeah! what do you guys think about this persons analysis? He's just basing this off of assumption, by the way.

I did notice that the leaks seem to be given out in the weekends...

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