• DynoMyte

    Hey, so someone made a interesting analysis about the release date/leaks, and it actually makes sense!

    Here's the whole thing they wrote, followed by the original source:

    What if Nick's behind the leaks? An analysis.

    Bear with me here, people.

    Isn’t it awfully convenient that the first leaks showed up right as Korra interest was starting to die down? How the leaks almost always come out on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, around the same time of day? How the leaker hasn’t been arrested yet, despite putting the biggest watermark ever all over every single leak?

    So we know that a) the leaks follow a schedule of some sort and b) the leaks are at least partially used to get the Avatar fandom - undoubtedly Nick’s largest and most active fanbase - to…

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  • DynoMyte

    This is the reason why we don't have a Korra commercial! If anyone is interested, here is the registration for usage of the name "Avatar: Legend of Korra" on TV. Here is the one for "The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra".

    An interesting thing to note is that "Avatar: Legend of Korra" has been put into the "Intent to Use" section on 10-03-11, after SDCC. "The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra" is also in the "Intent to Use" section, but it was placed there 8-30-11, so a little after SDCC. Neither of them are registered at the moment. Once one registers, that WILL be the title, no matter what.

    Another interesting thing to note is that Viacom has requested an extension on the name "Avatar: The Legend of Korra" and changed the address of further corres…

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  • DynoMyte

    Place Your Bets

    December 11, 2011 by DynoMyte

    I figured in scince everyone is wondering when the Legend of Korra is coming out, we might as well figure out who called it first.

    The game works like this: In the comment section, you will leave the date in which you beleive the Legend of Korra will air.

    It must be an EXACT date.

    If someone has posted a date you agree with, reply to their comment with YES

    Bets will be closed when a date is officially given.

    Good luck

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  • DynoMyte

    Avatar: The Last Airbender was a popular enough show to garner a significant number of memes . But who would have guessed that two years later a new show, My Little Ponies: Freindship is Magic , would have come along and be an even bigger hit!

    My question to you is: Do you think Korra will ever be popular enough to compete with Ponies? The show may not be as funny, but the quality of animation is sure to be just as good / surpass that of MLP. Will these two shows ever contend for internet popularity? Or is MLP:FIS just to big of a show?


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  • DynoMyte

    The Legend of Korra: Music

    September 4, 2011 by DynoMyte

    The track team has desided that the music for The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra will be "If Jazz was invented in the 20s by the Chinese...". This is a very interesting idea. How do you think it will be realized? The Track Team has also stated on thier twitter page that the first episode will feature string quartets and it will be "very emotional". Do any of you have any links to chinese jazz songs that you think Korra's music will be similar too? Are there any instruments you think they will use? Are there any original tracks you want to return? Please tell me in the comments.

    Do you want songs such as the ones in Cowboy Bebop (a big influence for the original show) or other chinese and japanese jazz pieces?

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