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Hello Avatar Wikians! I am the Duke of Skibbington, a new member of the Fanon Fact Finders, where we interview fanon authors. Today, for my very first interview, I am interviewing SaeryenKatten, author of the fanfiction Fire, Song and a Snowstorm. I interviewed Saeryen through email.

So, tell us a bit about yourself.

Call me Saeryen. I am a female college student who plans to pursue creativity in many forms. I've written fanfiction before, both serious storytelling and silly stuff (as well as a few badfics that I haven't shown anyone just for my own amusement). I have also written some original stories, and I am currently working on an original computer game that I'm making with RPG Maker. I want to do more games and hopefully some novels and/or animated TV series. All my writing is fantasy for children and teenagers, though I encourage people of all ages to read it.

What gave you the idea for the plot?

I wanted to write a story about true love in the midst of a hard time. Originally this story was just going to be about Elsi and Mihoshi growing up, but then I decided to make it an adventure, with Elsi's and Mihoshi's romance interspersed. I wanted to write a heroic firebender too, and my first thought was "what if Elsa from Frozen was a firebender?" then I tweaked the reason for hiding the power, changing it from being uncontrollable to marking her as an enemy because of war. Aira ended up being much more Elsa-like, and her and Kaligah gave me a nice duality of a heroic snow queen and a villainous one.

How did you come up with the names for your characters?

Elsi was named after Elsa from Frozen. Mihoshi's name I found in some backstory for the Ar Tonelico game series. I liked the name so much that I just had to use it for a character of my own. Aira's name comes from the name Eira, which means "snow". Maya-Ar's name came from a story I made up in my head involving a palace called Ar Maia. Ket-Ket was named after...Kit-kats. Kaligah's name came from the movie Barbie: The Pearl Princess. Her name was originally Caliga, which is a feminization of Caligo, the name of the villain in Pearl Princess, but I made it look more Asian-like to fit with the world. I particularly like it because "caligo" means "darkness" or "fog" in Latin.

How did you come up with the place names?

I picked the name Midori because I thought it fit a forest village, since it's the Japanese word for "green".

What made you think of a character made of snow?

Again, my inspiration for Aira and the others came from Frozen. I expanded on Frozen's idea and thought "what if there was a girl who froze everything she touched?" (because that is why Aira doesn't touch anyone save Ket-Ket and Maya-Ar) The snow warriors were some evil minions I could make that weren't actually alive, thus my characters aren't killing other characters; I don't like that sort of thing.

Were their any shows or stories which influences your writing?

Obviously, Avatar The Last Airbender. Also, Frozen inspired a lot of this one, as well as Harry Potter (Elsi, like Harry, lost her parents as a baby).

Were you inspired by any other fanfiction authors?

I actually wasn't. I came up with this on my own.

You paired off Elsi and Mihoshi, are you going to do something similar for Leyka, Aira and Ket-Ket?

I have a sequel planned in which Leyka and Maya-Ar will get together as teenagers. I don't know about Aira and Ket-Ket, really.

I have noticed a lack of living male characters. Is there any reason for that? Will there be any male characters in future?

You don't see him, but Mihoshi's father Han is alive. I have an all female cast because I feel like women (especially women who aren't straight or white) are underrepresented in all forms of fiction. In my writing, I have diverse casts of female characters because I want girls to have more people they can identify with. As for future characters, I'm planning a sequel in which Zuko and Iroh play supporting roles.

Have you thought of any names for your chapters?

Hm, not really. When I have written stories with titled chapters, it's because I have the plot all planned out before writing, rather than writing plot notes as I go and then writing more. With the latter, I just don't know what I would title the chapters.

Why is a story about snow set in the Earth Kingdom? I found it a very interesting choice.

Short answer: because Mihoshi is an earthbender and a redhead like Suki and doesn't look anything like a water tribes girl. Long answer: I wrote the story of Elsi herself before I wrote this, so I set it in Elsi's homeland.

What do you have in store for Kaligah's ambitions?

Hmm, how do I say this without spoiling anything? Let me put it this way: she's going to regret taunting a firebender. She will return in the sequel.

Finally, once you have finished all planned chapters, what do you have in stall for your fans?

I'm going to write a sequel which will take place some years after FSaaS (and some years after the Hundred Year War), which means Elsi will be out of hiding as a firebender. The characters will all return, and we will get to see Zuko and some other characters from the show as well as two new original characters. We will get to see the Fire Nation and the Northern Water Tribe. This one is inspired by Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone as well as the Ar Tonelico game series (since there will be some magical songs).

Thank you for reading our interview. A special thanks to Saeryen for joining us today. I wish her luck with her future writing and her RPG game. As for you, readers, please be sure to subscribe to her fanon, it is well worth it and it only takes a single edit.

If you are the author of a fanon with 5 or more chapters, please go over to this link. Thank you.

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