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Hello Avatar Wikians! Feeling like this wiki is grinding to a halt, well worry no more. I recently spoke to some fresh blood on the Fanon Portal. He is Jacob13Kyle - author of Chain Lightning. Let us see what he had to say.

1. What originally gave you the inspiration to write this fanon?

I was sitting with a few friends one day, each of us on our own electronic doing his own thing. One of us was watching the first episode of the Legend of Korra book 3, while the guy next to him was playing the original inFamous. I remember seeing how ordinary people were reacting to suddenly getting bending abilities, and the thought occurred to me 'Hey, what if someone developed electric abilities instead of airbending?' I ran the idea by a friend of mine over on, and together we developed the story into what it is now.

2. You said Alex was inspired by a character from inFamous, but is there any of yourself bleeding into his character? Be it intentional or not.

A little. I think most writers put a tiny bit of themselves into their characters whether they intend to or not.

3. Is Alex a bender? He creates lightning like a firebender without being a firebender. Are you suggesting the subskills do not strictly belong to each element?

Alex is not a bender. He's an individual known as a Charged. Charged are people who've had a dormant part of their DNA awoken by barrier energy between worlds. The rules of bending don't apply to the Charged, and in many cases they can do things that no bender can do.

4. How many fanons have you written for Avatar before this one?

Six, I think?

5. Could you just tell us a bit about them?

Oh, they're all over the place. A few had a crossing theme similar to this one, one had to do with dragons. One was set at the beginning of the hundred year war. One was an AU where Sokka and Katara had a younger brother.

6. You mention experiments on wireless energy. Do you think it would ever be physically possible?

The experiments that are referenced in the story were conducted by Tesla in Colorado around the turn of the century. In short, it is possible.

7. What genre do you like most to read? What about for writing?

Action, fantasy, some western, a little sci-fi and steampunk here and there. It's kinda all over the board with me. Same for writing too.

8. Every writer has their 'voice'. How did you find yours?

I have this learning disability that makes it physically painful for me to write. That's the ironic thing about me, I write stories, but I can't actually write. I was given a laptop to type out papers for school, and found that I could write stories as well. I guess you could say that's how I found my voice.

9. Who, as an author, was your biggest inspiration?

I'd have to say Stephen King. Sure the guy mainly writes horror, but he's covered other genres as well, and he's good at it too.

10. Do you have plans after this series?

I plan to cover all four books, and maybe make up my own book five. But beyond that, I'm not sure.

11. Are you considering submitting this for a fanon review?

I am now.

12. Have you ever considered writing your own original fiction? Or perhaps tweaking this?

Not only have I considered it, I've already got a few projects underway.

Thank you for your time