Dico quod cogito
I speak with respect to which I think

Korra with the protester
The Avatar Soapbox is an open community newsletter, in which almost anyone can have their say, provided they have one. There are rules regarding to civility and vandalism, but that is about it.

Do you think bending is genetic? Do you ship Korrasami? Are you writing a fanon series that has trouble getting recognition? Come on up and speak your mind. There are no editors and therefore no waits.

The final issue will then be published as a blog post, probably on my account but maybe on another's, if I am absent.

Support and Contribute

As a community-driven newsletter, the Avatar Soapbox is nothing without your support. The question is, how can you support? Well, it is rather simple, I dare say - contribute. Start a discussion, contribute to a discussion, advertise your fanon, whatever you must! If you want to advertise the soapbox, add this to your mainpage {{User:Duke of Skibbington/Sandbox ad}}


There are currently no released issues of the Avatar Soapbox. However, if you want to contribute, just edit the latest issue to add your opinions.

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