Hello everyone, I have started development of an Avatar modification for Wolfenstein 3D using the ECWolf port. If you do not have Wolfenstein 3D, you will need to download the demo version to play the mod (sorry).

The Avatar mod will be divided into 3 "episodes" or books if you like. Being Water, Earth, and Fire. In the mod, you play as Aang and you must defeat the Fire Nation through mastery of the elements. You start Book 1 with air and eventually gain water. In Book 2, you start with air and water and gain earth. And so forth. In Book 3 you will gain fire, it is fast and powerful but drains your health in doing so.   

The Fire Bender sprites are based on the Wolfenstein 3D sprites but made to look like Fire Bending soldiers. Unlike traditional Wolfenstein enemies that use hitscan guns, the enemies in Avatar 3D use projectile fireballs that the player can destroy through bending, making for more exciting battles. The player bending sprites are derived from photographs of my arm, though it is a bit too dark for the pale Aang, owing to a bad sunburn. At present, I am rather pleased with my sprites, for they are the greatest I've accomplished (I'm no artist). However, there are no sprite rotations, meaning the enemy will always appear to be facing the player. Correcting this is a low priority.  

As can be seen from the screenshot, the "Heads up Display" or HUD is totally unchanged but some of the sprites are different. Many of the textures have been changed to an icy theme but most remain untouched. Everything, however, will be replaced by the time the mod is finished. 

The title screen was made to look like the Fire Nation's attack from the opening sequence of A:TLA. As one would see, I took "AVATAR" from the wiki's logo. I hope to change this eventually, however it is not a high priority.  

I hope to have a fully-functioning beta release comprising of maps for Book 1 only by mid-May, although it may come a bit late.  If anyone wishes to help (please do), send a private message and I shall reply with the details. I mostly need help with sprites. 

I shall be posting significant updates as they come. Duke of Skibbington (wallcontribs) 19:31, March 2, 2015 (UTC)

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