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March 2, 2015
  • Duke of Skibbington

    Hello Avatar Wikians! Feeling like this wiki is grinding to a halt, well worry no more. I recently spoke to some fresh blood on the Fanon Portal. He is Jacob13Kyle - author of Chain Lightning. Let us see what he had to say.

    1. What originally gave you the inspiration to write this fanon?

    I was sitting with a few friends one day, each of us on our own electronic doing his own thing. One of us was watching the first episode of the Legend of Korra book 3, while the guy next to him was playing the original inFamous. I remember seeing how ordinary people were reacting to suddenly getting bending abilities, and the thought occurred to me 'Hey, what if someone developed electric abilities instead of airbending?' I ran the idea by a friend of mine ov…

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  • Duke of Skibbington

    I have been wondering about another set of cultures the Avatar world could have been based on. As we know, it was based on the fascinating East Asian cultures. I wonder now, what would the Avatar world be like if it were based on Bronze Age and Classical Europe and the Near East?

    Coming up with equivalent nations is by no means easy. No nation fits the exact paradigm for a few things, so they would come out with different philosophies and attitudes.

    To start with the obvious one, the Egyptians would be earthbenders. This fits because they are known as desert dwellers and they created great monuments of sandstone. Surely, they needed earthbending to accomplish that.

    I personally think that the Hittites would be firebenders. They were certainly…

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  • Duke of Skibbington

     Hello Avatar Wikians, today I have an interview with AvatarRokusGhost, author of Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes - the Wiki's answer to Homer and the Illiad. I interviewed him via email.

    1. When did you make the connection between the 'enemy general's son' whom Jinora mentioned and Lu Ten? What prompted it?

    It pretty much came to me right when I was watching The Spirit of Competition and heard Jinora talk about her book while giving love advice to Korra.  Well, maybe not all of it.  After all, one of the first ideas I got when coming up with ideas for potential Avatar fanon was a forbidden love for Lu Ten across enemy lines with a woman on the Earth Kingdom side.  That was a long time before The Legend of Korra was released, but by the time i…

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  • Duke of Skibbington

    Hello Avatar Wikians! I am the Duke of Skibbington, a new member of the Fanon Fact Finders, where we interview fanon authors. Today, for my very first interview, I am interviewing SaeryenKatten, author of the fanfiction Fire, Song and a Snowstorm. I interviewed Saeryen through email.

    So, tell us a bit about yourself.

    Call me Saeryen. I am a female college student who plans to pursue creativity in many forms. I've written fanfiction before, both serious storytelling and silly stuff (as well as a few badfics that I haven't shown anyone just for my own amusement). I have also written some original stories, and I am currently working on an original computer game that I'm making with RPG Maker. I want to do more games and hopefully some novels an…

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  • Duke of Skibbington

    Good morning everyone, it's 6:40 AM AEST and I would like to announce that yesterday, I finished the Avatar Colosseum in a thrilling, 7-way battle. Vote below as to who you think would win in the titanic conflict. After you've voted, you can read the fanon on the read tab and see if you agreed with me, or you can vote after reading it, to see if I agree with you.

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