With Pathik's Story nearing its end, I (Dudewaldo4) am nearing the finish of my first fanon short story. Being new to the fanon half of the wiki, to me this is an accomplishment.

During Gyatso and Aang, I was just kind of testing my style out. I got some good praise for Genocide, and writing that chapter was a lot of fun. It introduced the mysterious presence whose identity I will not reveal. Wandering caused Pathik's chakras to become completely plugged, when he had--in his mind--caused the death of Lu Ten.

In the final installment of the story, Vision, Fanon:Pathik (Past, Present, and Future) becomes more like the Pathik you all know as he clears his chakras. I'd really appreciate feedback both here and on the chapter's talk page. Thanks to anyone that's reading this and/or my story!

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