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My "The Last Airbender" Review

The Last Airbender Sucked. Just Kidding it Rocked! Just Kidding again! Actually it Sucked and Rocked!

Here are my positive and negitave reviews on this movie:

Good Reviews:

  • Iroh, though never making a single tea joke, keeps his wisdom from the series
  • The effects were decent! *Wink*
  • I liked the costumes very nice detail on Aang's arrow btw love the Air Nomad symbol in the middle of it so creative!
  • The toys rock.....Yeah I said it the toys rock!
  • Making a movie about an all-time favorite cartoon was genius, but....

Bad Reviews:

  • NO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! They were all like mini robots. I mean come on! Aang isnt happy. Sokka isnt funny. Seriously am I alone on this?
  • Chinese Pronounciations Ticked Me OFF! Yeah i know Sokka was pronounced Soh-Ka in the series once but seriously Chinese Pronounciations......AGH!
  • Well Momo didnt make a decent appearance and his name is only explained once. ONCE. CGI was decent
  • Appa fighting? Aha, Yeah he should fight NEVER. Only make him fight in a GOOD movie
  • M. Night Shymalan's creation of the film made it a hint hint wink wink that it would be a bad mad-raged f'd up movie. I mean look at all his others! LAME!

So those are my reviews.

Comment, Vote, Bleh! Blah!

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