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The After Years Schedule

Well, I am working on a fanon. And man, is it hard to do. But, it's kinda fun. Still, going back and fixing everything that needs fixed, and writing it in the first place, needs a ton of time and effort. Still, it's pretty awesome. Well, I finished the fanon page and the Prologue, and Chapter 1 is going to be up tomorrow, I believe. anyway, here's how I would like to accomplish the chapters of Book 1:

Chapter 1 - February 27

Chapter 2 - March 1

Chapter 3 - March 2

Chapter 4 - March 4

Chapter 5 - March 5


Chapter 6 - March 11

Chapter 7 - March 12

Chapter 8 - March 14

Chapter 9 - March 15

Chapter 10 - March 17


Might do a two part finale, then I'll have a chapter 11. Then it'll also be on March 17. Now, this schedule is just what I'd like to do. My schedule could easily get screwed up. But, If I can manage it, I'll make it like this. Maybe, if I can, I'll get chapters out sooner. We'll see.

I'm gonna go eat some lunch, take a nap, and get started on Chapter 1. Wish me luck, everyone!


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