So I know that everybody is expecting somethings to happen in LOK either in this season or the next season. So I want to know what you all expect or at least hope to happen in the series, whether they be good or bad

  1. For me I expect Tenzin and Lin to be just as powerful benders as their parents, maybe even stronger or come up with different techniques to set themselves apart from them.
  2. Half of Republic City or just a large area of it to get wrecked in the final battle or an episode right before it between the Equalists and everybody else. That way we can finally see what the new generation of benders can do when they don't have to worry about destroying the city since its already wrecked
  3. A hint at how the rest of the world outside of Republic City is going. Is Ba Sing Se still some place where you get hypnotized, is the NWT still keeping women waterbenders to healing, who the new leaders if there are any, are the Joo Dee's out of a job etc
  4. Somebody or a few people to bite the bullet

And heres just some little stuff on the side:

  1. The dragons to at least have one or two remaining members alive. Hell they don't even have to make an appearance (though I'd prefer it) just a little nod to wards their possible coming back
  2. Bending to combine the newer more controlled level we have now with that of the older style. You know what they say, take something old and new and put it together you..well I forgot the saying but its something better than the two alone I think

I can't think of anything else right now so you just give some of your own expectations for the show

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