I understand that normally these questions would go under a different category, but I am currently unaware of such a section so I will post the following questions here in hope that other people may find the answers to these questions and inform me.

  1. Is the fanon going to be based on the anime or manga of One Piece, aka straw hat pirates, and Naruto, aka Konoha?
  2. Would the Naruto characters be at the current level in the manga, anime,or will you have them at a different level, such as before shippuden.
  3. Will the Naruto characters include Sasuke, although the mentioning of Tsunade would mean that Sasuke already left Konoha to join Orochimaru, and in current chapters allied with Mandara?
  4. Now with One Piece, will the One Piece character's power levels be how they are before or after their two year break of solo training?
  5. Finally, if the Naruto and One Piece characters will be at the levels they are currently in tneir manga series, won't the battles be a little outmatched?

P.S. The question concerning One Piece has yet to appear in the anime series, and will depend on the answer to the first question. Also, if someone knows were these questions should be, please tell me.

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