So, I have been thinking seriously about some things. And I hope some people would take this into consideration.

  This, is the internet. (Obviously)

And what can we expect when we go on the internet? Swearing... weirdos... etc. Thats just two examples of some "Bad" things that you can come across on the internet. There are absoloutly many good things to get from the internet as well. But it would be very foolish for someone to come on the internet and not expect there to be any swearing, weirdos, etc. Its expected. And when it comes to swearing, that is up to the person, and how they feel about it. Now, if you come on to chat with somebody, and they start swearing, even after a "warning", they keep doing it. What would an admin do. Well, most likley kick them out. Now, to me, who isnt a very avid swearer, (haha ;P) still doesnt think that is fair. We are meeting many different people, around the world who think differently about things than others. But, Like I said before, you better be expecting these things when you come on the internet. Especially in a chat, when you are speaking to other people. And a lot of us here are adults. We have passed the time when we were given rules to follow by our parents. Now, I dont think it is cool that our "Person" who could possibly be some kid, is kicking adults out of chat because they might swear a bit when they talk. It can just be plain silly when a kid is telling an adult what he should do. And I dont have anything against our "people", cool people. But, im just sharing my opinion and how i feel about this. Putting myself in the shoes of other people, who this happens to. Haha. (Just some idea to get a convo started.) what do you guys think?

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