A petition has gone around the internet that is being supported by many Avatar fans all over the world. The purpose is to show Nickelodeon how much interest there is for an open world game. Please sign this petition here if you'd love to see an open world Avatar game be produced

Suggestions were provided by the fans.

Gameplay: You play online with other players to fight against each other, earn coins, trade items, go on missions and to travel the world in order to find more opponents.

You can either choose your character to be able to activate four elements (Avatar), one nation (water, earth, fire, air) or play as a nonbender.

► Costomization of your characters Before you enter the game, you can change how your character looks besides what element you'll be able to bend. You can change

  • Name
  • Eye size & color
  • Hair length (bald, short, middle, long)
  • Haircut
  • Haircolor
  • Beard or not
  • Mouth size and color
  • Height
  • Weight (thin, thick, muscular)
  • Clothes (depending on which element you've chosen, you have different clothing packs to choose between)

► Location The original Avatar Universe. You can travel to wherever you want. If you want to travel overseas, you need to have something to travel with (flying bison, glider, ship,...).

1) As the Avatar... You start off as a non-bender near one lion turtle city. 100 levels are to be achieved in order to enter the Avatar State and be the Avatar. When you start off with an element at level 1, you will find yourself not being able to use the full power and control of it.

  • 20 Levels: Master your first element
  • 20 Levels: Master your second element
  • 20 Levels: Master your third element
  • 20 Levels: Master your forth element
  • 5 Levels: Master additional elements (metal, lavaa, sand, energy)
  • 5 Levels: Learn about the Spirit World
  • 5 Levels: Save the World
  • 5 Levels: Loose the one you love most
  • 1 Level: Fin Guru Pathik to enter the Avatar State at will

You level up by completing missions, trainings and so forth. At level 100 you're able to enter the Avatar State at your lowest health.

► How to activate your bending (as the Avatar)
You need to find each of the four remaining lion turtle cities to activate and master every element. Each lion turtle city has its masters from which you will learn and be trained. Each has its own marketplaces, where you can buy to its element related equipment.

2) As a bender of one element... You start off, depending what your element is, at one nation. Airnomads have to earn their tattoos; They don't start off with their tattoos.

► Marketplaces Marketplaces sell location related items. Places with many nonbenders, shops will sell only nonbender items. Each nation has its own marketplaces that sell to-that-element-related items. Same goes with the lion turtle cities.

Items marketplaces should include:

  • Flying bisons
  • Gliders
  • Airnomad tattos
  • Spiritual items
  • Scrolls
  • Additional trainings
  • Boats

► Spirit World Only the Avatar can enter the Spirit World by meditating. He/she is the only one to close the portals.

► Shortcuts Whenever you learn a new move, buy new scrolls or additional trainings, you can add that move to shortcuts on your keyboard. You can switch between your already activated elements by using your mouse wheel. Each element can use the same shortcuts. Say, you have a firebending move at the letter "A", you still can add a different waterbending move at the letter "A" when you use the mouse wheel to switch to the other element. Same goes with nonbender moves.

► Pro-bending By dueling with pro-benders you can earn coins. You can duel anyone you come across in the Avatar Universe.

► Other suggestions - Destructible cabbage carts

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