• Destiny of Awe

    Yeah, this is my first blog post. Hi, and thanks for reading.

    Just so I don't bore you guys with my typical teenage ramblings, I'll make this short.

    So, anyway, Avatar, in my opinion, is probably the best show ever made. It's only competitor for me will likely be Korra, but I doubt it. Speaking of Avatar, there's only one teeny tiny problem I have with it. Actually, more than one. I, as viewer, never found out;

    -Where's Zuko's mom?

    -Did Jet really die?

    I suppose these questions will be answered in Korra or maybe The Promise, but I really wanna know the answers.

    Don't forget to comment, even thoguh there's probably not much to comment about.

    Next time, I'll put my thoughts on The Last Airbender Movie.


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