Got it from Amazon yesterday (my local shop had run out, didn't anticipate a new shipment for a month and I couldn't wait that long). All I can say is, wow! The artwork is a bit different than the series, but 1) It's static images instead of animation and 2) Even in the series the characters' styles changed a bit from episode to episode. What they say and do, though is pretty spot on with their animated counterparts. Yang, unlike a certain live-action adaptation's director/screenwriter, "got" the original and/or paid attention to what Bryke told him.

This may have been touched upon before – I didn't go through all 640-odd comments on the comic's entry – but I was struck by the parallels in the main thrust of the story, Earth Kingdom citizens resentful of the Fire Nations' colonists who in turn are bewildered about being uprooted after living there for generations, and similar events in our world. An obvious example is the clash between Israel and her Islamic neighbors, but I also noticed similarities in the fate of the East Prussia Germans after World War II. Once again, something originally meant for kids has gotten into deeper and darker territory than would be expected. Well done, Gene, well done.

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