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Equestria has been going under disaster while Korra's world prevails.


  • Contains the creator in the story. She is in a fiction form (as in she had her real world attributes twisted to fit the fiction story).
  • This contains a remix version of the Bloody Mary ghost story.


Chapter 1: The Search for a new Home

After various metor strikes Celestia orders Twilight and her friends to find a new home. "We will try are best. Come one girls let's find a portal spell."

As the ponies tore through spell after spell Pinkie Pie shouts, "I found something! It says for the title Supernatural World Portal. Do you think it will do?"

"It should.", said Twilight.

Twilight studies the spell and moments later finishes reading it. "Okay, I think I can pull it off. Stand back everypony!"

Twilight strains herself to do the very difficult spell. "Do you think she can do it?", Fluttershy asks, I hope this new world won't be scary."

"She can do it. She pulled of a bunch of difficult spells. She is one of the most powerful Unicorns in the whole world!", Rainbow Dash asures.

"For Twilight's sake we hope she can pull it off. And let's hope the new world isn't dirty for my glamorous mane!", Rarity says.

After several minutes of straining the portal opens an shows the beautiful Republic City at night. "So glamorous! *Faints*", Rarity says.

"Somepony carry Rarity...", Apple Jack says.

As the six friends enter the portal they awe at the beautiful setting. They wonder what lies inside the vast city. They start galloping in.

"Do you think they will have parties every night? Cause I feel like throwing one!"

"Pinkie please. I know you do but we got to make sure this place is safe first."


Once they got into the city they saw cretures they never seen before... Humans.

"What are these creatures?", Fluttershy asks.

"Who are you calling a creature talking winged horse?"

-Fluttershy whimpers-

"That's what I thought!"

"Hey nopony harasses Fluttershy! So back off mister!", Pinkie Pie says going into a Pinkie Rage.

"Woah easy there!"

"First of all Fluttershy is a Pegasus Pony! And I won't toleate anything making my friends upset! SO GO AWAY!!!"

The man runs away in terror. Pinkie's hot face cools off. Well at least Fluttershy has recovered from the encounter.

"What a rude creature that was! I so want to do some lightning bucking at him!", Rainbow says out of anger.

"Let's try to learn about this place. We might have gotten on the wrong hoof in the place."

-Crash! Thump! Sizzle!-

"What was that?!", Rainbow says in curiousity, "I'm gonna fly to see where that can from."

Rainbow Dash flies off leaving a rainbow colored brush trail. When she gets to the source she sees two people in an Agni Kai.

"Oh snap... This can't be good. Might a well get a closer look."

Rainbow Dash finds a thnder head and flies in to the fight. The two men in the Agni Kai see Rainbow Dash fly in and plops on her cloud. After staring for a few seconds the two continue to fight while Rainbow Dash enjoys some popcorn.

"Can one of you things pop some of my kernals?", Rainbow Dash asks.

"What did you just call us?!"

"Hey chillax dude! I just asked!"

The man shots a fireball at the bag of kernals.

"Hope your happy now..."

"I am"

Rainbow Dash starts enjoying the show and eating her popcorn. Moments later Apple Jack comes in.

"RAINBOW DASH! I thought you where finding the sorce of the sound?"

"I did and it's this awesome show down! It's so AWESOME!"

"You shouldn't get involved in this rodeo. Come one. Whe are leaven' this alone."

Rainbow Dash struggles to stay.

"Come on now. Please work with me. Do I have to use my rope... Again?"

Rainbow Dash flies in every direction she can. She starts flying even faster til' she pulls off a Sonic Rainboom which draws the attention of everyone.

"Wow what a beautiful rainbow! And it came out of no where!", Ikki said.

"Can I eat it?", Meelo asks.

"You can't eat a rainbow Meelo...", says Korra, "I am going to go find out where it came from."

"I don think that would be necessary...", Jinora said, "Cause look."

Jinora points at Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack who is about to come in for a crash landing.



"That is the last time I will let you try to tie me up."

"Well if you weren't watching some fight going on Rainbow Dash I wouldn't have tied you up!"

"Hey! I loved seeing those two shot fireballs at each other! I even had hopes on the strong looking creature who had a nasty temper to win the fight!"

"Woah what is going on and who are you two? And also what are you?", Korra asked.

"Okay My name is Rainbow Dash and this is my friend Apple Jack. I am a Pegasus Pony, she is an Earth Pony."

"I never seen the likes of you around. Nor have ever meet a talking animal."

"Hey! Watch your tounge creature!"

"Sorry. And I am a Human by the way. Name is Korra by the way."

"Well nice to meet you Korra!", Apple Jack says while giving a vigorous hand to hoof shake.

"Woah... Strong grip there.", Said Korra.

"Your mane is pretty, may I have some of it?"


"Your such an odd thing.", Rainbow Dash said.

Rainbow Dash and Apple explain everything they have seen and how they got to where they are now. Korra gets strange looks every now and then through out the whole conversation. Meelo chews on Apple Jack's hat.

"Hey get back here you little one! And gimmie my hat back!"

Chapter 2: The Dark Side

The rest of the Mane 6 arrive panting to find Apple Jack chasing Meelo. After hours of chasing Meelo up and down the island she finally gets her hat back.

"Good grief! That kid has pulled a nerve or two outta me. At least I got my hat back.", Apple Jack said in relief after chasing Meelo for 3 straight hours.

"Meelo has a tendency to doing things like that. He even chews on things he shouldn't chew on.", Korra says.

"So that's the name of that brat. I was about to call him a theiven vermin.", Apple Jack said.

"Well I think I should open the portal to grab the princesses and Spike.", Twilight said.

Twilight starts to preform a portal spell and starts grunting and straining in the process.

"Do you think she can do it?", Korra asks.

"She can do it. She can preform almost every spell in her sleep. Just like how I can do Sonic Rainbooms in my sleep.", Rainbow Dash clarifies.

"So that's what the noise was earlier. You where making one!", Korra said surprised.

"Sure did. I did to escape Apple Jack's rope.", Rainbow said.

As Twilight adds layers of magice to the spell she starts straining more. Then a small spark appears. It gets bigger every second til' it forms a portal.

"Finally. Now I am going to go in. Rarity, can you keep the portal open for as long as you can? I am not sure how stable the portal is but I am going in.", Twilight sas then jumps through.

A few moments later Twilight re-emerges with Spike, Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna. All panting from doging series of falling asteriods and meteors.

"Thanks for saving me Twilight! I would have been a fried dragon if you hadn't come back!", Spike says hugging her.

"You can talk?!", Korra says in disbelief.

"Of course I can talk! Don't you have dragons here?", Spike says annoyed.

"We do be they don't talk...", Korra says.

"Akward...", Spike says reciving a slap from Rainbow Dash, "Ow!"

The group listens to the radio to see if it could give hints on the city. The radio buzzes then a familiar voice takes over.

"Hello Republic City..."

"Amon!", Korra says annoyed.

"As you may heard several new comers came today that are beyond imagination. From my sources one has intense unearthly energy that is unlike the bending here. I will not back down to some outsiders like those horse like things. This world will be equalized..."

The radio cuts off. The ponies are confused. Korra is just do right furious. She starts muttering in frustration. Fluttershy tries to clam her but Korra walks away.

Chapter 3: Behind the Secrets and Another World Enters the Drama

After some explaining the mane 6 and the princesses are shocked to find out the history and the current rebellion in the city. Twilight feels like something bad is going on. Rainbow Dash is just of to the side behind Korra mouthing every word she says and looking sassy which in turn makes Pinkie laugh every five minutes. No one is aware another world has entered the ring. One that is similar yet not. A strange girl wanders through in amazement and wonders how a world so primitive could actually be just as beautiful as her futuristic home. She wanders around til' she is mugged by some thugs.

"Hey! Let me go! Don't make me do some harm! I mean it!!!", The girl said as she kick a fought to free herself.

"You look strange. Who are you and what are you doing on my turf?", The mugger said.

"For the last time, LET... ME... GO!!!", The girl breaks free in one jerk and makes a dash for it.

"AFTER HER!!!", The thug yells.

The girl runs through the street making turns when ever she can. Eventually she runs into a dead end and realizes she may have to take extremes to get out of this mess. She stars climbing the wall and dives into the garbage on the other side grossing out the thugs making them run away with sick faces.

-Mockingly- "¡Hasta luego losers!", She says as she pulls a raspberry and moons them.

After that she starts talking to herself.

"Such idiots. They thought they could best me. Pathetic! Everyone knows I am impossible to catch from time to time because I am a master at disappearing. -giggles- Yet they still think they can take me! They don't call me a master for nothing... -Sarcastically- I am not what they think!"

After talking to herself for several minutes an Equalist takes note of her every word. Then he sends a tazer rope at her. She notices and ducks in time.

"What was that?!", She said startled, "Who's there? Back I say! You don't know what your dealing with! I am not joking! Stay away from me!"

Another tazer rope is slung at her but she doges again.

"Dang it!", The Equalist says under his breath.

He throws another and she doges again.

"So you like playing doge ball? Don't ya? Well time to bring out the big guns!", The girls says as she starts a transformation.

The Equalist starts realizing this isn't some person you can just shock and get away with it. He was dealing with something beyond extremes. A girl who was not afraid to get dirty. His worst nightmare. The girl starts slinging balls light that explode on impact and has him running for the street. The girl takes flight and starts chasing him over the the speed of light. As soon she gains on him he starts to jump into the water but she catches him and starts intimidating him.

"What's with you?! You think you can just jump into the water to cover your tracks?! Well you are wrong!!! I am not letting anyone mess with me. You think I am another person who will be willing to lick your filthy boots? Wrong! I am willing to take it beyond extremes to keep filth like you from harming anyone!", The girl says at a high pitch yelling nearly making the Equalist deaf.

The Equalist was so frightened he squirmed out and ran back to head quarters to tell Amon about this new comer who appears to be a "threat".

Back on Air Temple Island, Korra is learning everything about Equestria and in a way wishes she could see it. Twilight also teaches her of the Elements of Harmony and shows them to her. Korra is amazed how Equestria maintained peace. Twilight even told her about some of their encounters like Discord which made Korra a little angry how some mischievous being could disrupt peace in a matter of seconds. Twilight even tells her about magic. This fascinates Korra even more. She realizes what else is out there. She now realizes the universe is bigger than it seems. Twilight even describes a girl with powers beyond imagination who has visited them several times in the past. Twilight brings up that she raced Rainbow Dash on several other planets. From earth like worlds to Hot Jupiters. Rainbow Dash mentioned that she even raced here but got into trouble several times by Fire Nation Soldiers and Dai Li Agents for vandalism and racing in areas that are prohibited. This made Korra realize as much this girl was help she as just she was rebellious. Rainbow also says she has pulled some good pranks on citizens like one time she tied up a Fire Nation brat to a pole and stuck him in a diaper and hung a sign that said "Change me", and stated how that one always cracked her up. Korra was amused by how naughty she could be and laughed at the prank mentioned saying it was the best one she heard.

Chapter 4: Trouble Comes Thundering in

After several hours of explaining a hurricane rolls in. The radio news turns on.

"All coastal line neighborhoods please listen. A hurricane is approaching and will be here in a matter of hours. Please seek high grounds and shelter now! This hurricane will make landfall with in a time span of 3 hours. Pack what you can and go to seek shelter now! This is a mandatory evacuation!"

The radio cuts out and everyone starts looking worried. The radio comes back on.

"Just in a strange being with wings is flying twords the storm at unimaginable speed. We are thinking this being is nuts. What's that? It appears someone managed to get word with it. It's a GIRL?! It appears the being is mysterious winged girl. The source says that she is going to fly 'into' the storm to try to... What words did she say? Counteract the storm and make it dissipate. What does that even mean?! So she is going to try to go in the opposite direction of the winds when she gets inside the eye wall?! She is definitely nuts. Sorry about that but I think you get it."

Radio buzzes out and everyone is in shock to hear this. No one was sure if this 'girl' was real or some idiot's wild imagination. Soon a few seconds later they hear a whistle sound as the girl zooms past the island faster than the speed of light. As they look they see the girl actually pulling it off. Mean while at Amon's head quarters he realizes there is a new player. He felt as if this new 'threat' will be a tough one to take out. He senses this is the same description of the same girl that nearly took out one of his Chi Blockers.

"How are we supposed to deal with this girl now?! She is beyond everything we know. It's like if she were other worldly.", The Lieutenant said in fear of that the plan will plummet.

"I think we should learn more about her and see if we can convince her to join our cause.", Amon said.

"ARE YOU NUTS?!", The Lieutenant, says with a worried look on his face, "Won't she destroy you?! She nearly destroyed one of our members! She is too dangerous. She could sense us a mile away and make a bee line for us before we can even tazer her!"

Inside the storm the girl flies so fast the storm start getting torn apart. The storm's rotation is counter acted and dissipates with in the matter of seconds. Everyone cheers her on. When she lands everyone is stun by her looks. She definitely looks other worldly. Her pink petal dress and glittering pink wings amaze the crowd. Everyone's jaws drop at her. Her eyes were the color of chocolate and twinkled when light hit them. Everyone is speechless at her completely. A few seconds later she flies off into the sunset. But this wouldn't be the last time she come in.

Chapter 5: After the Storm and a new Ally

After the storm was destroyed Korra was skeptical about the young girl's abilities. Twilight reassured the girl was the same one they were telling her about. Korra wanted to see this 'girl' for her self and set out to find her.

"Now if I were her where would I be?", Korra said while pondering, "Ah ha! I would be somewhere 'unreachable'! If I can launch myself high enough with earth bending I just might find her..."

Korra launches herself and the girl take notice and zooms in to catch her.

"What on earth are you thinking?! You could have gotten yourself killed! What kinda of stunt were you trying to pull?", The girl asked wanting an answer for her so called 'dangerous stunt'.

"Sorry. I was trying to find you but it looks like you found me instead. I'm Korra by the way. Sorry if I was causing you some trouble. I was just wanting to know more about you.", Korra said.

"Well. I don't think that was a good way to try to 'find me'. And I keep my identities secret. And why do you want to know about me? Are you one of those thugs that have been trying to to throw tazer ropes at me all day?", The girl says with an annoyed look.

"Are you talking about the Equalists? They're after you?! And of course I am not with those awful Equalists. They have been causing problems for me too.", Korra says.

Then moments later an Equalist raider jumps out of nowhere and tries to throw a tazer rope at the two. The girl realizes and puts up a Time Shield to reflect the rope. It bounces back binding the Equalist raider instead.

"Whoa. How did you do that?!", Korra says with astonishment.

"I will explain later! Where is the safest place here?", The girl says.

"The Air Temple Island, it's right over... Ahhh!", Korra says as the girl picks her up and flies to the island.

"...And then they escaped. One thin I don't understand is how she deflected the ropes..." The raider tells Amon about the girl.

"It seems she has out done herself this time. if we can find her weak point we can take her out. She is definitely a new threat.", Amon says plotting another plan for exposing the girl.

Chapter 6: The Mysterious Girl Revealed a Fourth World Enters the Scene

After a long flight due to several evasion moments the two finally return to Air Temple Island to be greeted.

"Long time no see Sabrina...", Rainbow Dash says.

Korra gets a questioning look as if she knew the mysterious girl. The girl digs a hole in the girl and hides in the hole as if she were hiding something.

"Are you hiding something?", Korra said rather serious.

"Fine! I am! My name. I just don't want any villains that I have fought to find me and try to use me to rule the world. If a villain finds me and they know how to brain wash or manipulate my personality to they can use me to endanger every universe. If I am caught by the so called 'Equalists' they could use me to endanger everyone.", Sabrina said with a red hot face.

Korra sees that she can be quite a hot head. Korra of course also becomes worried how much damage the Equalists could cause if they get their hands on Sabrina. Rainbow Dash asks if Sabrina wants to race but she declines due ti how much danger she is already in. Meanwhile a group known as the Sailor Scouts have been following Sabrina due to how much 'trouble' she has already gotten herself into.

"Do you think she is safe? I have a feeling she is in huge danger...", Sailor Mars says with a worried look.

"Have you seen her fight? She can take on 10 negaverse trash bags at once. Not only that she is very good at evasion when flying. It's highly impossible for her to get captured.", Sailor Jupiter reassures.

"I hope they got some good grub here! I hope they got dumplings!", Sailor Moon says while licking her lips.

"Sailor Moon...", The rest of the Sailor Scouts say with disbelief.

"Remember we are here to make sure Sabrina doesn't get into trouble. Remember when we had to fish her out of the Dai Li headquarters?", Sailor Mercury says.

"Or the time the Fire Nation arrested her for skiing on the roofs?", Sailor Venus says in annoyance, "Not my favorite moment."

"How about the time she tied up those men to the pole and stuck them in diapers? Trust me we had a lot of explaining to the police just for that one prank she pulled.", Sailor Mini Moon says, "And I am not amused by the fact you tried bailing her out with dumplings..."

Sailor Moon starts looking embarrassed by the fact she was not concerning herself with the possibility of the Negaverse attempting world domination. Soon an Equalist spots them and shoots a tazer rope at Sailor Moon.

"Venus, Love Chain Encircle!"

Sailor Venus ties up the tazer and slings it away.

"What was that?!", Sailor Moon asks.

"Not sure. But it looked like it could electrify. According to my scanner it seems this world has supernatural properties. I am getting strange readings... This doesn't make any sense!", Sailor Mercury says in disbelief of the strange activity.

"What ever it is, let's hope it isn't the Negaverse tracking us or Sabrina... again.", Sailor Jupiter says with a stern voice.

Chapter 7: The Great Race Against Time

After doing several scans, Sailor Mercury finally gets a readable reading.

"It looks like this places is alive in an unnatural way. Like if life itself is different.", Sailor Mercury says and doesn't even notice a person behind her messing around by waterbending an ice sculpture to make it look like it's picking it's nose.

"Uh... Sailor Mercury. Look behind you I think that's what your scanner was reading.", Sailor Mini Moon says pointing at the waterbender.

"Oh my! This place is weird. BUT THEY BETTER HAVE SOME GOOD DUMPLINGS!!!", Sailor Moon says while flailing her arms up and down as if having a fit.

"SAILOR MOON! Focus!", Sailor Jupiter says slapping Sailor Moon in the back of the head, "I think I recognize this world. This is the same world that had the Fire Nation. I guess this is a new area. Must have been built recently."

"That explains the readings! When we first came here it gave my scanner the same unreadable readings. Let's hope Sabrina didn't get in trouble with the Fire Nation again.", Sailor Mercury says as she does a face palm.

"Well what are you waiting for? An invitation? Let's do a Sailor Teleport to the Fire Nation and see if she is there roof skiing... again!", Sailor Mini Moon says with a stern voice.

The group uses their Sailor Teleport to get to the Fire Nation, unaware that the attacks on Republic City have just started.

"Wow. This place has got a lot more robust since the last time we where here. And it still has those carnivorous cattle things. Blech! Let's just hurry so I don't have to watch the meat eat meat.", Sailor mars says with a green face.

"Yea it is kinda sick.", Sailor Jupiter says agreeing with Sailor Mars.

"Hey! I found a wanted poster! It look extremely old... It says 'Wanted: This girl is wanted for vandalism of property like roofs, pulling pranks on travelers and soldiers, attacking a soldier who was trying to arrest her for skiing on roofs, etc. This girl is worth 2500 gold pieces. Hunters be extremely cautious.' And by the looks of the date on here it's... 70 years old!", Sailor Mini Moon says with surprise.

"So she may not be the most wanted anymore... We better ask the police if she is still most wanted...", Sailor Mercury says.

"We haven't seen her in 70 years. It's like she disappeared of the face of the world. And that wanted poster is no good anymore because of that.", The Jailer says why trying to keep an eye on an old Azula who is about to have another mental break down, "Shut up Azula! Like I have said before, you are not leaving do to your condition."

"What's wrong with her?", Sailor Mini Moon asks.

"This is Azula. Zuko's sister. She has been like this ever since her friends left her. She has been extremely unstable.", The Jailer says while slapping Azula's hand who was trying to pick the lock.

"Wow. She seem extremely dangerous as well.", Sailor Mercury says while observing her ever move which involves chewing the bars, throwing fire tantrums, and blasting the metal wall which all are no avail.

"Let's get moving, if she has come back she wouldn't be here.", Sailor Jupiter says while yanking her hand away from Azula.

The group does another Sailor Teleport and return to Republic City where the damages have begun to look extremely devastating.

"If Sabrina is here we may be too late!", Sailor Moon says scared.

"Oh relax! I am right here you big baby!", Sabrina says walking out of a sewer covered in Purple Pentapi and starts removing them, "I know, I know, but really you guys think I would go to the Fire Nation? I mean I am still one of the most wanted even though I 'disappeared for 70 years' in this world's time workings."

"Why are you covered in sewage?", Sailor Venus says in disgust.

"Haven't you heard? The is this guy called Amon who is attacking. I was forced to hide cause haven't you forgotten? Who ever finds away to control me can endanger the universe?", Sabrina says removing the last Purple Pentapus, "I don't understand why he would attack but he sent a bunch of his men after me."

"It looks like t's gonna get worse. The readings are starting to fade slowly. I am not sure if that's good or bad.", Sailor Mercury says checking her scanner.

"It's bad. Amon is causing it. He is removing people's bending as we speak. If he catches me there is no telling what he can do to me. I am not a bender but I do have powers of my own.", Sabrina says while ducking from a flying Satomobile.

Chapter 8: An Ancient Evil Chaos Crosses Over

Back in Equestria where everything is just falling apart. In the sculpture garden where all the chaos seems to be happening causes a pulse in one statue. The statue is in the shape of a 'draconequus' known by the name Discord. The chaos was so immense that on of the rocks freed him. Unfortunetly for him he got knocked out as soon as he was freed. Luckily the mane 6 had brought the Elements of Harmony with them so Discord has no clue where they are. Back in Republic City's sewers the Mane 6 and Team Avatar are in Gommu's hangout laying low.

"So magic is real. I never knew that.", Asami says while trying to force herself to eat the grub that Gommu just served.

"I even brought some of my books with me.", Twilight says nudging a book to Asami.

Asami picks it up and is confused by the writing.

"I can't read it. The character are so... Odd. Do you know a spell that would help?", Asami asks.

"Just show me the language you use so I know exactly what tongue I need it to be changed to.", Twilight says.

Asami jots down a quick sentence and hands it to Twilight. Twilight begins doing the Translation Spell and is successful. Asami begins to read the book and is fascinated by the history of Equestria.

"Wow. This is incredible grub! I haven't had something this tasty since we got here!", Pinkie Pie says while gobbling it down.

"I got it from the finest dumpsters around.", Gommu says. Once hearing the word "dumpster" Pinkie turns green and runs to throw up.

"I think the grub is alright.", Spikes says gobbling down the contents in his dish next to Bolin who are now having a burping contest after Spike burped. The Mane 6 look at Spike and Bolin in disbelief.

"Well at least I got flying room.", Rainbow Dash says as she flies around.

Discord wakes up from being hit by a meteor. He rubs his head and realizes this was too much for him. In the distance he sees a portal that Twilight forgot to close. Discord runs though and is out of what he thought was harm.

"Good grief! Equestria just had to fall apart on me! That's mutiny! Thinking I could reconquer it. At least this world has an opportunity for me.", Discord says.

In the distance a Waterbender who is a mere 6 years old girl starts to do the Water Whip and hits Discord in the rear.

"Ow! Who did that?!", Discord said and spots the 6 year old, "Hello what's this?"

Discord reaches his hand out but instead the kid starts doing the Octopus Form and beats up Discord with Waterbending.

"What? Who are you?", Discord says in disbelief at the 6 year old.

"I am Waterbender. Duh creepy!", The 6 year old says and lashes him again. From that moment he knew this world wasn't some pony village he could just traumatize like in his past experiences with Ponyville. He would need to strike from the inside.

Back at the hideout Korra is laughing at the various jokes pinkie Pie is telling her. Soon Pinkie starts twitching all over.

"Oh no... She is getting the shutters. This can't be good. A dozy is gonna happen. The last one was safe but there is no telling what could happen this time, especially here.", Twilight says with her ears down. Soon a crackle that sounds so familiar is heard. The Mane 6 encourage everyone to hide for the inevitable.

Chapter 9: A new Transformation and a Showdown

As Discord advances through the city learning his new surroundings so he can take it for his own. Sabrina is playing with a ball of light by bouncing it of the walls looking bored.

"So bored! Why can't I just go skiing down roofs anymore?!", Sabrina says and starts slamming the ball of light into the wall causing an implosion, "I hate being bored! I wanna have some fun! This Amon guy just had to come up and ruin EVERYTHING!"

Sabrina then causes another implosion from another ball of light she formed. "Does she always cause implosions from the light she makes?", Korra asks.

"Only when she is like this. This is one of her many tantrums. If I remember correctly her powers are space based and is powered by it. I also have been getting a strange feeling as something in her is trying to break free. Almost like you girls.", Luna the cat says.

"If it's so then she could be a Sailor Scout but I am not sure. She seem a little... hostile when aggravated.", Sailor Mercury says with and looks at Sabrina with an old look who is now slamming her fists into the wall causing dents with her strength.

"Is there any place where she can goof off Gommu?", Korra asks.

"There is an abandoned pipe that I think would be able to hold a girl like her.", Gommu says gesturing to a pipe.

"Thanks.", Korra says and walks over to Sabrina who now back to slamming balls of light in various places, "Come on I know the perfect goof off point for you."

"Well at least I can yell down a hole. -rolls eyes and does a piff sound- More of a perfect spot for a raiding party.", Sabrina says with her arms crossed.

"We have to figure out when this immense energy with be unleashed cause if public she may become a target again. Trust me she has a lot of people after her just for her power.", Artemis says.

"If she releases it in front of Amon he might try his little tricks that he have used to take bending away on her an may result in something really bad. You said most of her powers are space based. What is her most dangerous? I fear that is the one that maybe unleashed.", Korra says with a worried look.

"It isn't good. There are three that have a huge possibility. One of them is a Pulsar. She can make them but I never seen her use the full extent of them. Another is a Black Hole. It sucks everything into it. Nothing. Not even light can escape it's hold. The third is rare but the most dangerous. A Fury.", Artemis says with a scared expression.

"What's a Fury?", Mako asks.

"It's not good. It is a creature that holds extreme power. She actually becomes one. When she is one she has to be suppressed before major damage can be done. There are two Fury forms I know. The deceptive Dream Fury that attacks dreams, and the deadly Star Fury. The Star Fury unleashes the full power of Pulsars from what I heard. The suppression is done with a Sapphire Ring. She wears it at all times to keep it under control until she has grown enough in her abilities to tame them. She has tamed the Nightmare Fury. That one was pretty bad. And the damage was done to Dream Mirrors of evil villains.", Artemis says trying to suppress his scared feelings.

"I do have a feeling the Fury power left her a long time ago cause it isn't present. The Fury was a side affect from her last encounter with the Negaverse.", Luna says slapping Artemis for forgetting that, "The power I am picking up is new. Ever since she reunited with the Sailor Scouts something new is sparking."

"Oh right. I am an idiot...", Artemis says sighing, "At least the Fury issue is done."

All of the sudden a large boom happens.

"They took her! Amon and The Equalists found her and got her!", Korra says.

"Oh no! this is bad!", Sailor Moon says.

"Tell me what I want to know.", Amon says.

"Why should I? Your just gonna do something bad! I can read your heart and it's tainted with hatred! Let me go NOW!!!", Sabrina yells.

"I had enough of that little shriek of yours.", Amon says as he tries to take away what he thinks is bending but in turn something immense happens. She starts transforming into something new. Not a fury but something. A silver symbol of a planetary system appears on her forehead and is replaced by a silver headband.

"What's this?!", Amon says backing away from the mysterious girl.

"We're too late!", Sailor Venus says, "What the???" The groups see Sabrina taking on a new form.

"I can't believe it. She IS a Scout. I guess that's what was trying to get through. Judging by the symbol she is... Sailor Solar System!", Luna says in disbelief, "This makes sense now!"

Unleashing a big and powerful implosion Sabrina does her first Sailor attack.

"Solar System Spiral Galaxy Whip!"

After the last word leaves her mouth a large 10 armed spiral galaxy appears and it spins at high speeds lashing Amon. Then to everyone's disbelief she is revealed to harbor several attacks.

"Solar System Galaxy Chain Encircle!"

"I can't believe it. She has taken what she can do to beyond extremes.", Korra says.

All of the sudden without a trace, she vanishes in a spark ball similar to what you find in a plasma ball.

"Where did she go?", Sailor Moon asks.

"I am over here.", Sabrina says skiing on the roof tops with a big mischievous grin on her face, "WAAAAAAAA HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! OH YEA THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN MISSING!"

Chapter 10: The Strike of Chaos

Five weeks after Amon was defeated by Korra, Pinkie Pie hosted a big party in hope of getting everyone together again.

"Come on let's boogie!", Pinkie Pie says as she bumps several people to getting their groove on.

"Are you sure this is the right way to do it Pinkie? Some of these people aren't party people.", Aple Jack says.

"Oh don't you worry! I can be friends with everyone!", Pinkie Pie says and gestures by spreading her hooves out, "EVERYBODY loves parties!"

Everyone gets a nervous look thinking Pinkie is going about reuniting the wrong way. She is obviously insane right now. A few moments later a chocolate rain drop lands on Pinkie's nose.

"Mmmmm... Chocolate rain of goodness!", Pinkie says starting to find more chocolate drops.

"Wait! Did she just say Chocolate Rain!?", Rainbow Dash says shocked, "This is bad! Come on Twilight get those Elements of Harmony! Pinkie just found Chocolate Rain! It means Discord is back!"

Everyone starts looking confused and looks up and another chocolate drop falls. Everyone looks bewildered by the strange weather.

"What's going on? This isn't natural!", Bolin says and puts up a earth tent over himself, "Let me know when this is over!"

"Okay now where are they. -Gasp- Their gone!", Twilight says in shock.

As the words leave her mouth a small flash appears and Discord emerges and crackles. Bolin can be heard panicking from his earth tent.

"I never thought this place would have such amusing creatures. Unlike those ponies you guys have much more to mess with. That means I get a bigger chaotic empire! Now that you ponies don't have the Elements of Harmony there is nothing you can do to stop me!", Discord says while crackling in evil and disappears.

"Oh no! Who was that?", Sailor Moon says.

"Discord. He brings nothing but chaos with him. Be very careful around him. He can corrupt and change your personality in one touch. He made Rainbow unloyal, Fluttershy a brute, Rarity a hoarder, Pinkie a grump, Apple Jack a lair, and made me depressed. The major noticeable sign of it happening is turning gray. It took a memory spell to undo it.", Twilight says.

"This is really bad. If Discord could do that to you guys then his damage can be a lot worse here.", Mako says, "Bolin would never survive a day in that kind of environment. His life has been carefree and full of joy even when we where on the streets."

"Is it safe to come out?", Bolin asks with a whining voice.

"Yes Bo it is.", Mako says.

Bolin takes down his earth tent and runs over.

"So what can we do to stop him?", Korra asks.

"We need to find the Elements of Harmony that Discord stole. He didn't give a riddle this time so that means they could be anywhere.", Twilight says, "Wait! Rarity. Maybe your Gem Finding Spell can help."

"Well I might work. Let's do it. Everyone stick together.", Rarity says as Twilight and Rarity preform the Gem Finding Spell.

"I think I got one!", Rarity says dashing twords the location of it.

"Mako, go with her. She will need protection cause if it's a trick you can help her.", Twilight says and Mako goes after Rarity.

"Ooooh, so marvelous! -Shakes head- That isn't one of the Elements of Harmony! Must... go... find... them...", Rarity says trying not to come for Discords trick.

"What are you doing? There isn't anything there!", Mako says looking annoyed.

"MINE!!!", Rarity says and starts digging at the wall and turning gray.

"Oh no... It was a trick! Where are you little Fox Weasel!", Mako says getting into a Firebending stance.

"Oh you are so head strong. But you are so weak.", Discord says sitting in a corner.

"That's a lie! I am leaving to find help for her. What ever you did is very bad!", Mako says starting to Firebend at Discord.

"Oh that isn't enough.", Discord says.

Mako starts creating lightning and shoots it at Discord.

"Ahhhhhhh! You are so going to pay... for that. Where did he go?", Discord says in stun of his and Rarity's disappearance.

"I am not sure what happened but she is nuts. She is wanting some rock.", Mako says.

"For the last time it's a DIAMOND!!!!", Rarity says in a fit.

"He got her. Rarity! She is gone. We will find her later. We got to keep moving. Oh she is back with a rock...", Twilight says hoof facing herself.

"I am gonna fly off and see if I can get an aerial view and see if I can find one.", Rainbow Dash say dashing off.

"Korra, See if you can keep up with her. You might be able to.", Twilight says.

"I will try.", Korra says enhancing her speed with Airbending.

"Oh no! Him again.", Korra says seeing Discord trying to manipulate Rainbow Dash, "Leave her alone!"

"Korra! What are you doing here?", Rainbow asks.

"Twilight asked me to follow so you don't get hurt.", Korra says blasting Discord back, "I have had just enough with your tricks! Tell me where they are or this will not end well."

"Oh if you insist. They are hidden in somewhere least expected.", Discord says disappearing.

"At least he didn't get Rainbow...", Korra said as the two return, "Discord almost got her but I manage to chase him off. He said they are where we would least expect... Wait. Tenzin didn't expect me to be in Tarlokk's cabin when he kidnapped me so they might be there. We must keep are guard up though."

When they got there Korra found the Element of Kindness.

"What a weird looking necklace...", Korra says.

"You found one!", Twilight says as she puts it on Fluttershy.

"The rest are somewhere else. Anywhere else?", Rainbow asks.

"Amon never expected benders to be in the sewers so lets go there.", Mako says.

Once there they start searching.

"Oh pretty! It has my favorite color!", Bolin says holding up the Element of Honesty.

"You found another!", Twilight says and puts it on Apple Jack, "We better get moving fast. I hear some swishing as the sewer will drain any second."

Twilight teleports everyone to the streets.

"Okay. We need a map from this point.", Korra says, "The next one is quite hard to find. You can't find it without one. Mako still got that Equalist flyer?"

"Yes.", Mako says, "Okay got the location. Let's go!"

At the strange building they run inside and search.

"Oh I found the Element of Laughter for me!", Pinkie says putting it on.

"I found the Element of Generosity.", Fluttershy says putting it on a distracted Rarity, "At least she was distracted by her rock... Do you think you could do the spell now?"

"Yes I think we should.", Twilight says preforming the Memory Spell.

"Why am I cleaning a ROCK?!", Rarity asks in disgust.

"She is back!" the rest of the Mane 6 yell and hug her.

"Okay 4 down 2 to go.", Twilight says, "Hey I found the Element of Magic and Loyalty! We are ready now lets go find him...", Rainbow Dash says.

Meanwhile everything has gotten worse. When they reach Discord he is sitting on a throne.

"Wow. I thought you would go for my traps but you creatures are a lot smarter than I thought.", Discord says.

"Ready ladies?", Twilight asks.


The Mane 6 start using the Elements of Harmony. As Discord goes into panic he is turned to stone once more.

"Let me break this "statue to ensure he never comes back.", Korra says smashing the statue with Earthbending. The statue breaks destroying Discord permanently.

"It's finally over...", Bolin says is huge relief.

"You said it but we got to leave. There is more trouble at home. The negaverse always finds away to come back. Hopefully our lives cross again one day!", Sailor Moon says waving and they teleport themselves home.

"So your not going?", Korra asks.

"Hey. I am like a wandering wolf. I go where I am needed to go.", Sabrina says as she transforms herself back into a civilian.

"And what about you guys? Where will you go since your home was destroyed.", Mako asks.

"I think we will stay.", Twilight says. So the Mane 6 set out to rebuild Equestria.

Chapter 11: The Mysterious Teenager

So The Krew and Sabrina decide to go camping in the nearby Earth Kingdom forest.

"So if you ever see a hungry Hogmonkey, run...", Bolin says.

"I find that a boring spooky story. I like Mako's story a little better cause it actually happened. That's the part that makes some amateur ghost stories better.", Sabrina says while roasting some popcorn over the campfire.

"Hey!", Mako says and slaps her for calling his story amateur.

"Well it was! You guys said you never told ghost stories! Let's just get on. I am gonna tell one now. It's not real but it's one I have overheard during my times at home...", Sabrina tossing some popcorn into her mouth. "Years ago... They say it's a myth... Which I agree with cause I don't believe it. Any how, There was a girl who was killed in a village and they say her ghost still wanders it seeking revenge on it's subjects... Ever so often a case is reported of someone dead or missing... They call her 'Bloody Mary'...", Sabrina says in a scary voice. Bolin shivers inside the tent, Mako maintains an emotionless face, and Korra looks wide wide wondering what happens next. As Sabrina continues the story someone farts.

"I thought I told you to take a number before we do the ghost stories Bolin!", Mako says in disbelief and embarrassment.

"Actually it was me. Hey we all break wind some times!", Sabrina says leading to the whole group laughing.

"Man! Even though your jokes are usually terrible, that one was kinda of a killer!", Bolin says laughing.

"I will take that as a compliment.", Sabrina says kinda annoyed.

Meanwhile in the center of town a flash appears and dissipates simultaneously. A teenage girl is revealed from the flash wearing cowboy boats, a loose shirt, and skinny jeans.

"Aw man! You've done it this time! At least I am away from being grounded.", the girl says taking out her wand and starts using it to find out where she is, "Well what do we have here? Another super-natural world. Just like the Wizard World! I guess it's safe to show boat my magic! You are genius Alex..."

Alex walks around seeing various signs. She grumbles at one.

"Aw come on! I can't even read this trash! I guess Harper was right for once about taking another language class! Wait. I think a translation spell would be handy here.", Alex says and uses the translation spell, "Narook's Seaweed Noodlery? Sounds like a good place to get something to eat. Ugh! I don't have the proper currency on me! If I can remember from over hearing it's called Yuans." Alex uses a spell to conjure up some Yuans and heads in. After seeing Narook she heads to her table and sits.

"Seaweed Noodles? Tentacle soup?! Stewed Sea Prunes? I would pass on the Two-headed fish soup... I think I will have Arctic Hen.", Alex says while ordering her meal.

While twiddling her thumbs she thinks of a nasty idea. After she finished her meal she signaled one of the waiters to come. As she leaned in she burped extremely loud that the glass broke. Everyone's eyes where popping out and jaws hanging.

"That's how it's done.", Alex says as leaving.

"I swear that girl had an enormous burp. It was so loud I couldn't even hear myself think!", A man says to Korra explaining what had happened.

"That's quite unusual. I mean I can pull it off. It just seems so unrealistic. Something fishy is going on...", Korra said.

"Did someone say fish? Well here is your fish in a cake!", Alex says roller skating in slapping the cakes with rotten fish in the center in everyone's face, "I just love that prank!"

"That's the girl!", The man shouts.

"I got this.", Korra says the uses suction to grab Alex, "What do you think your doing?"

"Do you even need to know? Come on! I see a bunch of morons do it! Why should I not be able to!?", Alex says trying to 'wing it'.

"Don't try to... I know your bluffing.", Korra says.

"Hey! I'm not bluffing! I am 'winging it'! Oops.", Alex says.

"Well your not doing a very good job at it.", Korra says putting her down.

"Threemetris Movetris!", Alex shouts and teleports 10 feet away.

"Woah! How did she do that!?", Bolin shouts jumping up and down and ranting on about it.

"Zip it.", Alex says and Bolin shuts his mouth. After a few minutes the zipper is gone and he starts ranting about it again. Alex zaps ear plugs in her ears.

"Really! Would you shut up!?", Alex says yelling.

"Sorry...", Bolin says and goes into a corner.

Alex looks at him like he is acting child.

"Ugh! I forgot Max tagged along now where did that little rat go?", Alex says.

"Over here!", Max says waving garbage. Max has his mash potato helmet on making everyone giggle and laugh.

"Max get that disgusting thing off your head!", Alex says and zaps it away.

"Hey! May mash potato helmet! Where did it go? Maybe it's in that strange thing's mouth...", Max says diving into a Sky Bison's mouth.

"Get out of that monster's mouth Max!", Alex says. "Threemetris Movetris!", Alex shouts and teleports Max out of the bison's mouth.

Definetly not in there but I found this!", Max says waving a piece of Bison Barf.

"EWWWW!", Everyone except Max yells and runs away.

"That disgusting kid is my little brother. He thinks he invented the pencil. And he even messes up everything I do! Justin is gonna kill me if he finds about this!", Alex says.

"Who's Justin?", Mako asks.

"My older brother. He annoys me with his 'smarts'.", Alex says.

"So your the middle kid.", Korra assumes.

"Yea. I am not very keen on it. I so want to turn Justin into a frog!", Alex says.

"Besides how did you do all of those things like changing position simultaneously and all that?", Mako asks.

"Oh, things aren't what they always seem...", Alex says while smirking.

"You know something! Spill the beans already. We saw you do all of those things.", Korra says annoyed with Alex's stalling.

"Some are evil, some are kind, but now all must speak their mind.", Alex says.

"I love Korra!", Bolin says then covers his mouth.

"I can't choose between Asami and Korra.", Mako says then covers his mouth.

"I kissed Mako twice!", Korra says and shuts her mouth.

"What was that?", Mako said.

"I couldn't help saying that...", Bolin said embarrassed.

"It's like something came over us... It has to be what that girl did!", Korra said pointing at Alex.

Soon the spell over comes Alex and blurts out, "I'm a wizard."

Alex then slaps herself.

"Wait a second all of the things we said were true so... It had to be something that makes you tell the truth!", Korra said.

Alex gets anxious that she has revealed what she was.

"I knew I shouldn't have used that spell!", Alex says face-palming herself.

Chapter 11: Trouble for Alex

Sabrina walks in one the group to find Alex in trouble again. After doing some explaining everyone is stun except for Sabrina that Alex is a wizard and what wizards can do. Alex then recognizes Sabrina.

"Hey I remember you! Your the one who was skiing on our roof and the one who helped Justin bust me for using magic to glue a puppy to a tree!", Alex says skeptically.

"Well I was having fun skiing but it's cruel to glue an animal to a tree!", Sabrina shouts.

"You obviously have a lot of foes.", Bolin says as he slide near her.

"Oh be quiet, I'll do something that will make you wet your bed for weeks!", Sabrina yells in a threatening manner.

"Sorry.", Bolin says clasping his mouth shut.

"Well. What trouble are you trying to escape this time? Let me guess abusing magic for your own well being and you are trying to run away to avoid being grounded.", Sabrina says effortlessly. Everyone's jaw drops seeing Sabrina solve the question why Alex was here.

"Okay you caught me...Again!", Alex says in disbelief.

"Wow. how did you know that?", Korra asks in disbelief.

"Easy. It's on Alex's trouble making agenda. I once caught her in Equestria trying to escape the same situation.", Sabrina says pointing at Alex, "Not only that she caused Discord to be released when she was there."

"Wow. It's like she has evil in her.", Bolin says.

"Well she does but the is good despite all the bad things she had done.. She saved her home from the Angles of Darkness twice and an asteroid.", Sabrina says.

Meanwhile down town, Justin flashes in to find max dumpster diving.

"Whaoooo! yea! this trash is the life!", Max says munching on trash.

"It certainly is my fellow friend!", Gommu says diving into the dumpster.

"MAX! Get out of the trash!", Justin says.

"Levitatus Lediatus!", Justin shouts and levitates Max out of the garbage.

"Hey! I was eating something very delicious!", Max yells and takes a bit of garbage much to Justin's disgust.

"Oh you are so nasty Max!", Justin says shielding his eyes.

"Well here is something you may like!", Max says.

"Piggly wiggly, get in the jiggly!, Max shouts encasing Justin in Jello.

"Hope you love Jello!", Max says eating his trash Justin inside the Jello makes a very disgusted face and squirms to move so he can get Max, "Fine I will get you out!"

"Piggly wiggly, get out of that jiggly!", Max shouts and the Jello disappears.

"Please don't do that ever again!", Justin says, "i came here to find Alex and drag her back home!"

"I know a spell that will get us to her.", Max says.

"Max and Justin Cambia Coporum Meum Capora Sua Numinavi!", Max shouts and switches bodies with Justin.

"YOU IDIOT! THAT WAS THE BODY SWITCHING SPELL! LET ME DO THE SPELLS NEXT TIME!", Justin shouts in frustration of his little brother.

"Justin and Max Cambia Coporum Meum Capora Sua Numinavi!", Justin shouts successfully switching bodies back.

"Let me try one more spell...", Max says.

"When you're tired of the same story, turn some pages, a toilet!", Max shouts and turns into a toilet.

"Max! I thought I told you to never use that infected spell again!", Justin yells, "I will whip up a cure later..."

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