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Skeletons in the Closet/Endgame Review

Okay I would have to say I was shocked. It was a total knockout! I was not expecting what happened. Over all it was extremely good. It tops all the others.

Skeletons in the Closet

This part was the keeper of humor. I was laughing when Asami turned green. It was also keeping most of my shock as well. I was not expecting Amon to be Tarlokk's brother or a Bloodbender. My jaw dropped when I heard it. i was like "You have to be kiding me! That's so messed up! Attacking your own brother like that is like stabbing yourself." I had no idea their family was far more messed up than Zuko's. If you rewatch the old series you will see what I mean.


One of the most epic parts. Amon actually takes of his mask. At first I thought that scar was real. When Amon took away her bending I was like wide eyed. And whenmako shocked him with lightning in my head I was like "Ya show that jerk a thing or two!" When Amon was about to take Mako's Bending I was surprised Korra Airbened and started to smile and couldn't stop. My smile just got bigger and bigger. Then I was shocked to find the scar was just paint. I was going "Liar liar pants on fire!" and "Busted!" When Korra was taken to the South pole I was glad to see her parents again. But sad that Katara couldn't fix it, but glad Aang could. When Korra restored Lin's bending I was smiling again and couldn't stop.

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