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  • Derpyrebound


    March 25, 2013 by Derpyrebound

    Okay, I have to say it. I no longer have the time I love having. My dissappearance is due to my addiction for reading Fanfictions and playing Fantasy Online. Add that to high school! If anyone want to find me please go here . I'm on there everyday now. I hope I can find my long lost free time soon, even though it is Spring Break...

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  • Derpyrebound

    Coded released

    July 20, 2012 by Derpyrebound

    Okay I have finished the first 4 chapters for Coded. Coded is a cross between A:TLA and Code Lyoko (I am former fan of CL). Coded is one of the fanons that have had a release. My other (When Worlds Meet another cross over) isn't so lucky cause some of the chapters were too short. But Coded has longer chapters and is very exhilarating and is suppose to be darker than the other. Coded follows both groups who have to bet X.A.N.A and find a way to get the Gaang home. X.A.N.A may embarrass itself in one part. The source of comic relief is Aang, Sokka, and Odd (mostly Odd and Sokka).

    To read the fanon Click here.

    If you want a userbox to show your fandom for it here:

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  • Derpyrebound

    My Ships

    July 8, 2012 by Derpyrebound

    I know some of these are bizarre but they are the ones I like/find funny.

    • Sokka Poops - Sokka and Foo Foo Cuddlypoops
    • Friendly cactus - Friendly Mushroom and cactus juice
    • Foam - Foaming Mouth Guy and his foam
    • Foambustion Man - Foamy and Combustion Man
    • Foamokka - Foamy and Sokka
    • Foamuki - Foamy and Suki
    • Foamzula - Foamy and Azula
    • Iroh's Sandal - Iroh and Iroh's Sandal
    • Meesami - Meelo and Asami Sato
    • Gommrra - Gommu and Korra
    • Maommu - Gommu and Mako (the bum (MAKO IS THE BUM) deserves it for not choosing between korra and Asami)
    • Cabbage Foam - Cabbage merchant and Foamy
    • Anagi - Aang and the Unagi (Uh oh... O.O' )

    • Kataang - Katara and Aang
    • Sokuik - Sokka and Suki
    • Borra - Korra and Bolin
    • Meesami - Meelo and Asami
    • Zuai - Mai and Zuko
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  • Derpyrebound

    Okay I would have to say I was shocked. It was a total knockout! I was not expecting what happened. Over all it was extremely good. It tops all the others.

    This part was the keeper of humor. I was laughing when Asami turned green. It was also keeping most of my shock as well. I was not expecting Amon to be Tarlokk's brother or a Bloodbender. My jaw dropped when I heard it. i was like "You have to be kiding me! That's so messed up! Attacking your own brother like that is like stabbing yourself." I had no idea their family was far more messed up than Zuko's. If you rewatch the old series you will see what I mean.

    One of the most epic parts. Amon actually takes of his mask. At first I thought that scar was real. When Amon took away her bending …

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  • Derpyrebound

    Equestria has been going under disaster while Korra's world prevails.

    • Contains the creator in the story. She is in a fiction form (as in she had her real world attributes twisted to fit the fiction story).
    • This contains a remix version of the Bloody Mary ghost story.

    After various metor strikes Celestia orders Twilight and her friends to find a new home. "We will try are best. Come one girls let's find a portal spell."

    As the ponies tore through spell after spell Pinkie Pie shouts, "I found something! It says for the title Supernatural World Portal. Do you think it will do?"

    "It should.", said Twilight.

    Twilight studies the spell and moments later finishes reading it. "Okay, I think I can pull it off. Stand back everypony!"

    Twilight strains hersel…

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