Hi. I'am going to let you in on a little story i have created.

Fire Lord Zuko is now aged 89 and is dying of old age and he had a son Azurton. May his wife died at the age of 77 she died of a illness. Azurton becomes Fire Lord at the age of 25 and he hates the world peace. The Fire Nation has peace with the other 3 nations, helped to re build the air nation which had an overall populaation of 2000 people most air benders. However Fire Lord Azurton wishes to rase a grand army and attack the southern water tribe and destroy it completele.

4 years later.

Azurton has a grnd army of 80,000 men and a vast navy of a least 9000 warships. He then moves out with this vast army and destroys the south pole and melts all the ice to the water. The EarthKingdom seeks out to stop this with her new grand navy and goes straight to the doors of the Fire Nation but is quickly repeld backwards. The Fre Lord send word to the air nomads to ether join him or die.

1 month later.

The air nomads quickly scater to the Earth Kingdom capital Ba sing sa to the Earth King Mortar The Great. He tells them that they are safe behind the walls and that no army could ever break through. The Fire Lord Hears of this and is angary at the fact the air nomads would never join him.

In the East Part of the Earth Kingdom a great tyrant was creating his on army and want to become indepened from the Earth kingdom. His Name Rotazar. His family legacy is connected to the old Chin the Great of old. He has an army of 10,000 earth benders and they heard the attack on the south pole and they were pleased thet not just them did people resent the world peace. So he sent out 2 messengers to Fire Lord Azurton that they wished to take up an a alliance with them to combine there armies and takes control of the world.... Dean heard 19:56, 17 July 2009 (UTC)Dean Heard

I'am going to post what happens next soon... Please comment on my story.

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