The best nation in the avatar universe is got to be the Fire Naton. I like this nation because i like fire bending and the way the government is run by one man the Fire Lord. however i don't like the new Fire Lord Zuko becase all he wants is world peace(boring). When Fire Lord Sozin ruled thats what made the Fire Nation great and wonderful. When his son came Azulon it got better because he was a wise man. Then his son came Fire Loed Ozai the great he real failed the Fire Nation however he had great plans of wiping out the Earth Kingdom. Then his weak son came to the Throne Zuko i real liked him at the start of book 1 after that he betrayed the whole cause of the Fire Nation. I liked the structure of the armed Forces of the Fire Nation After all the Fire Nation has a great structure and order so this is why i LOVE the Fire Nation.

I would like to see a new series with Zuko's son comes to the throne and recreats order and fear among the worl. LONG LIVE FIRE LORD SOZIN!!!!!!!!!!

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