Go ahead, flame me, but I just really have to say this.

As soon as Katara and Zuko went on that little "Let's go kill my mom's murder." field ship (Ain't that romantic, they killing people together. You know, Aang was trying to prevent this, if it stops this nonsense, Zuko isn't a very good influence.), it started existing in small ways, and then it exploded into crazy shipping when Zuko tried to prevent Katara from being shot with lightning. Ridiculous. See, this is what people think nowadays, if a guy does something nice for a girl, it's true love, or if there's unrequited love, screw reality, it's still true love. 

I went somewhere to sing for choir, a year ago, in 6th grade, and it was so cold, I was basically freezing to death, and my music teacher noticed, so she gave me one of her jackets. Does that mean we're madly in love? GODNO.

Oh, so what, if you prevent someone from getting killed, that means you fall in love and get married in a couple weeks? What if I saved Katara? I'm 12, she's 14, and I'm straight, but I'm sure SOMEONE would ship us anyway...

Also, this is morally questionable, I mean, what about Aang? He loves Katara so much and she has responded in various ways, calling him her boyfriend and such, what are you just going to throw him with Toph? Taang exists only because of Zutara, I swear, nobody cares about Aang because apparently, he's not as hot as Zuko, and nobody cares if he's with Toph, despite the fact that she's abusive and this "jelly-boned wimp", she would never date. 

Riddle me this, what logical sense and morally just traits do Zutara and Taang have? Oh what, Toph "calms down"? Then she would lose all her charisma! Whatever happened to "just friends"? If a guy and a girl are friends, screw that, people will ship them together and think they'll be high-school sweethearts or something, even if they have no chemistry. GOSH. 

Beat this, Zutara fans. (Btw, I'm a bit biased, if you haven't noticed, I'm a Kataanger all the way. <3)

And also, Kataang is CANON. Katara and Aang got married, Zuko died, Katara misses Aang, no matter how old she is, end of story. Of course...there is always the matter of fanfiction to wriggle a way around that, so this probably doesn't prove anything...

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