• Darth APPA!

    This is my opinion to different types of bending


    • Sand bending
    • Metal bending
    • Blood bending
    • Mud bending
    • Sea-weed bending

    Well lets get to it

    Sand Bending

    Sand bending is used mainly by the desert people (sand benders) of Si Wong Desert ( big scary desert in Book 2 episodes 10-11) First off, sand benders are referred to as sand benders even though they don't practice a main type of bending. It most likely is a sort of branch off of earth bending. As it is referred to as bending some people may wonder why Aang never actually bothered to learn how to bend sand. It may seem like it is simple because of the fact that sand is just very very tiny rocks. Even after saying that, none of the sand benders are ever shown earth bending either because there ar…

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  • Darth APPA! is about my fanon bending types.

    • animal bending (control of animals)
    • sound bending (like sonic boom or total silence)
    • necro bending (necromancers-control of dead)
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