Korra Book Four

Book 4 "Balance" premieres Friday October 3rd.

This blog will be updated periodically will my comments and predications during and after the premiere of Book 4 Chapter 1: 'After All These Years' tomorrow, October 3rd. 

For right now, I'm just re-watching the last few chapters of Book 3 in order to really see how much they have progressed throughout the years. From what I've seen in the clips that has released, it looks like Korra and the rest of Team Avatar have matured quite a bit, but I'm sure they'll be as awesome as ever. Till then...

Pre-Premiere Predictions:

The majority of the episode will be spent in the Southern Water Tribe.

Korra and Katara will have a deep conversation, one that foreshadows some of the events that are to come in the rest of the book

This episode will mirror that of the very first episode of Legend if Korra from Book 1 "Welcome to Republic City"

Something will happen to Korra that justifies the three year flash forward; I do not believe that it will just randomly happen between episodes. 

The first hints of Kuvira's imminent plan to overthrow the Metal Clan will surface at the very end of the episode.

After All These Years Commentary  

Wow this episode was nothing like I'd though it would be. I believed that the clips that were in would only encompass a small portion of the episode, yet now clearly that was the majority of the plot.


Kuvira doesn't play around. She means business and yet somehow, she is surprisingly human.

I love so much about this episode: The way this episode focused on everyone except Korra was brilliant and caught most of us viewers off guard. Asami is finally getting the recognition she deserves for being awesome, but it looks like her new rail system is going to be a double-edged sword. Although it is being used to bridge Republic City and the Earth Nation, it looks to be a gateway for Kuvira and her army. Speaking of which... Kuvira is awesome! I wondered how she would be different from other earthbenders, but clearly the writers took note and gave her a epic yet terrifying new fighting style. With the use of her metal armor, she is able to bind her enemies feet, hands, and even blind them at the simple flick of her wrists. Also the great speed at which she bends is far faster than we ever seen before. Along all the bending styles, earthbending has always been the slowest yet strongest. Kuvira takes it to the next level by not only being a master manipulator but also an agile fighter (remember she was a Metal Clan dance troupe member).

Although I initially disliked the design, those new airbending squirrel suits are actually pretty cool and are very useful. However, as we saw when Kai's suit was torn, there are still some drawbacks that can actually make the suit rather dangerous if not properly maintained. It was nice to see Kai and Opal back in action and it's obvious that they have major improvements in their airbending. I was sad to see that they couldn't help the state of Yi too much, but I still have faith. The straining relationship between Opal and Bolin is far greater than any other we have seen on the show. I actually rather interested to see how that little love story plays out.

Wu and Mako

Poor Mako. Wu's coronation just can't come soon enough can it?

In this episode we got to view some new faces and some old ones that maybe you've forgotten. Namely Baatar Jr., who is now the main engineer for Kuvira's forces and her fiancé. We also got a few moments to enjoy the narcissistic quirkiness of Varrick and Zhu Li again. Unfortunately though, we met another, less likeable narcissist: future Earth King Prince Wu. Poor Mako, having to be his bodyguard and all. However I don't think that will be a problem for much longer... While the spa dialogue and the pie scene was decent, I'm not in love with this new soon-to-be king.

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