This idea came to me while I was writing a paper for class. The thought process behind it is a little inane, so please bear with me while I walk you through it. I was writing a paper about street vendors and their history for an anthropology class. While writing the paper, my mind somehow drifted to, of all things, the world of Avatar. It was then I realized that "vending" sounds a lot like "bending". Weird, right? So, I next began swapping out the word "bend" and all its variations for the word "vend". That led me to realize that earthvenders, firevenders, watervenders, and airvenders are just as plausible ideas as their bending counterparts, bloodvenders and metalvenders even moreso, the former in a more black market frame of reference. That led me to some funny ideas, such as:

Tahno begging Amon:

  • "I'll give you the championship pot, just please don't take my vending!"

Zuko talking to Aang about firebending:

  • "The dragons taught humans how to firevend." & "Firevending in and of itself is not something to be feared."

On advanced earthbending sub-skills:

  • "Toph invented metalvending."

Katara reciting the overall plot of Book 1:

  • "We're going to the North Pole to find a watervender."

And Shiro Shinobi's comment about Mako that one time:

  • "He's a one-man vending battalion."

So, musings aside, this actually has a point. One of the solutions to the street vender problem in New York was to issue licenses to the ones that passed inspection. That made me think about the crime problem in Republic City, a lot of which is caused by benders. And I thought, if New York can have vending regulations, why can't Republic City have bending regulations? I know it's a lot harder to regulate an ability you're born with than something like selling food from cart. It's easier to arrest the Cabbage Merchant for standing in the wrong place than it is to arrest Aang for airbending. My idea is this, bending licenses for private citizens. It would help the police catch repeat offenders because the was it would work is if they get arrested on felony charges, their bending license gets revoked. So if a guy is seen bending shadily or using it for any sort of illicit activity, all the metal cops would have to do is ask for his license. If he can't produce it, you got yourself a repeat offender that should probably be put away and the streets are that much safer. I realize this idea walks on a thin line between police regulation and Nazi Germany. I also realize it's only half-baked. Please, tell me what you think.