I was wondering, does anyone know any good Avatar jokes? I was rewatching "The King of Omashu" (mostly to see the the other day (mostly to see the still shot of Aang kicking Katara in the face) and it got me wondering. I know a few, but they aren't anything great.

What did the gaang do on their first visit to Omashu?

They went postal.

What do you call it when Aang's wife obscures your vision?

A Kataract.

What did Haru do after losing his job?

He got angry and went on a rage-fueled bender.

What's Yakone's favorite drink?

A bloodbending mary.

Well, those are the jokes I know. They're pretty terrible, I'll admit. So if any of you have any Avatar jokes, please share them, just relatively clean, nothing beyond PG-13.