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  • DancePowderer

    Bending Regulations

    December 11, 2012 by DancePowderer

    This idea came to me while I was writing a paper for class. The thought process behind it is a little inane, so please bear with me while I walk you through it. I was writing a paper about street vendors and their history for an anthropology class. While writing the paper, my mind somehow drifted to, of all things, the world of Avatar. It was then I realized that "vending" sounds a lot like "bending". Weird, right? So, I next began swapping out the word "bend" and all its variations for the word "vend". That led me to realize that earthvenders, firevenders, watervenders, and airvenders are just as plausible ideas as their bending counterparts, bloodvenders and metalvenders even moreso, the former in a more black market frame of reference. …

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  • DancePowderer

    Avatar Jokes

    August 18, 2012 by DancePowderer

    I was wondering, does anyone know any good Avatar jokes? I was rewatching "The King of Omashu" (mostly to see the the other day (mostly to see the still shot of Aang kicking Katara in the face) and it got me wondering. I know a few, but they aren't anything great.

    What did the gaang do on their first visit to Omashu?

    They went postal.

    What do you call it when Aang's wife obscures your vision?

    A Kataract.

    What did Haru do after losing his job?

    He got angry and went on a rage-fueled bender.

    What's Yakone's favorite drink?

    A bloodbending mary.

    Well, those are the jokes I know. They're pretty terrible, I'll admit. So if any of you have any Avatar jokes, please share them, just relatively clean, nothing beyond PG-13.

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  • DancePowderer

    Bending is something that I'm sure all of us have fantasized about doing at some point in our lives. I know I have. One aspect that grabbed me recently was that the idea of bending brings the idea of chi (or qi, depending on how you spell it) into physical form. It makes chi, a spiritual idea, into a bodily function like bloodflow or heartbeat, incorporating it physically and permanently into human anatomy.

    It was actually Amon who made me rethink my ideas on the bodily mechanics of bending. This happened in The Revelation when he took Zolt's bending away. That was the only time someone lost their bending while using it. Zolt went from shooting lightning, to shooting fire, to shooting less fire, to nothing. Like many of you, I had no clue w…

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