Hey guy's, as the title say's I wanted to make this blogpost explaining my thoughts and opinions on the element Fire. I like all four bending arts for different reasons but favor fire the most. Let me know what you think about my post and feel free to share our own opinion on this element, and any other element you favor :).

Alright, like the series first demonstrates and wants you to belieave, fire is a very wild and dangerous element. Like Jeong Jeong said, (not quoting him exactly) water heals and is calm, earth is stable, while fire breaths, and if you don't have enough control the consquences are deadly. The concept of "inner drive" as Zuko calls it, and anger are more similar then you think. Firebending involves the user to have a strong desire to get what they want which increasing their limits. Fire may be the most aggresive element, and if you listen to hard rock music or motivational rap songs, or pump up songs, you may feel the inner fire in you to accomplish what you seek. Most people may think fire is the least important element when it comes to survival or everyday needs but that's not true either. Fire isn't only destruction and rage, or even energy and life like the Sun Warriors said, it is also light and warmth. Firebending is considered positive jing, which means you play the offensive heavily in a continues matter, keeping your opponent on the edge. To me fire means sheer determination, like nothing will get in your way or stop you, and you won't slow down to obstacles in your path. Zuko for example, a powerful firebender, was extreamly determined to capture Aang at the beginning of the series besides sailing around the world for two years forbidden to return to his home, and he never gave up now did he? Another thing I like about fire, is that it is beautiful in it's own form, WaterBending and EarthBending can be used to create amazing things to look at, like a highly detailed statue or an ice sculpture, but for fire, just looking at the flames at night could be equaly amazing.

However, as much as I love this element, it has its flaws. With Airbending you can redirect almost anything, with Waterbending you can manipulate water, ice, and vapor, at your own will, which is very powerful. with Earthbending you can maniupate the Earth itself! And not only hard earth but sand and metal too. With firebending, you can only manipulate fire, heat, and lightning.

Ok well I guess that sums it up, to be honest I was adding things up as I went on, I had better things to say when I was thinking about writing this blog. So let me know what you think, and comment on your thoughts about firebending or the other arts.

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