Note: This page is my personal idea page on the universe of Fanon:Cycle's Redemption, especially regarding the spiritual histomythology mojo thats in it.

Tai and Tui's Deal

In the beginning of time, there was the First Spirit, Tai the Sun, who appeared, followed by the mortal and spirit worlds. Tai is the only entity that dwells between the mortal and spirit worlds. In the era of Tai, when Tai awoke, his flow of energy would be severed, the world would become dark, and the mortal and spirit worlds would merge together, starting a conflict between the first of mankind and the spirits. When Tai slept, his energy will give off light, lighting up both worlds, but also keeping both worlds apart. When Tai awoke to see destruction, he made a deal with Tui, the Moon Spirit. Tui would dwell in the mortal world, with La, the ocean spirit, protecting her mortal form (the koi fish), and Tui would take Tai’s energy while he slept and expend it for him (in the form of moonlight), preventing him from waking, thus keeping both worlds apart.

Saving Mankind (Tangseng's search for the Lion Turtles)

Prior to the era of Raava, Vaatu became extremely powerful and used his energy to overflow Tai’s while he slept, creating a spiritual imbalance and thus merging both worlds and re-introducing the chaos between humans and spirits.

In the beginning of the era of Raava, when humans were not protected by the Lion Turtles, mankind united and established a dynasty. But as war drew near, Pusha, the Light spirit and Messenger of Peace, found a spiritually enlightened guru named Tangseng, and tasked him with finding the Lion Turtles so that they protect humanity from a potential war with the spirits. Pusha gifted him with various tools, including a white dragonhorse. Tangseng collected three Spirit disciples, each of them were former criminals. The first disciple was a warrior named Wukou, a monkey-like spirit who was once the king of the Peach Mountain Monkey Spirits who was imprisoned under a mountain for four hundred years for terrorizing the Sky realm, stealing from the Sea Dragon kings, and cheating the Ten Yama. The second, Baji, was once the commander of the Sky Realm Guard, who was cursed to look like a pig and banished to the humam lands for betraying the Sky Realm. The third was Shawu, a spirit who stole from the earth spirits and was imprisoned in a river between the human and spirit worlds, cursed to scare humans that tried cross away. In exchange for being forgived for their crimes, these three had to protect Tangseng on his journey to find the Lion Turtles. In the end, Tangseng found the Lion Turtles, saving humanity (The three guardian Spirits in Tangseng’s story are crucial to the Order of Spiritual Restoration’s search for the Lion Turtles).

The disciples of Tai, the Lion turtles, decided to protect humanity and mortal creatures after Tangseng’s message, giving them the ability to control one of the physical elements to survive in the Spirit Wilds. Meanwhile, Raava was sent to prevent Vaatu from creating more trouble. Around that time, Raava and Vaatu took their battles across the land, destroying the Sky Realm and Sea Kingdoms, and forcing the spirits to live in primal conditions. When Wan became the first avatar and imprisoned Vaatu, Wan used energybending to restored Tai’s original state, thus splitting the Spirit world and the mortal world once again.

Spirit Characters

Myrtu Myrtu is the spirit of Death, the king of the Diyu, the realm of the dead. According to legend, after defeating Vaatu during a Harmonic Convergence of sometime, Raava used her power to lock Myrtu into a realm known as Diyu, where all creatures of both worlds went at the end of their lives. Myrtu was tasked as the personal Punisher of the Ten Yama, ten powerful spirits that judge all the dead spirits and held a logbook known as the "Book of Death", which is a book of infinite pages with the names of every individual mortal spirit and pure spirit, and a date of their transport to the realm of Diyu. Myrtu was given the ability to destroy any spirit (except for a few powerful ones such Raava and the Ten Yama) in the Spirit World with his breath of spirit energy known as green fire, and any mortal body in the mortal world with the same breath. When Raava lost her power as Korra died saving the world, Myrtu freed himself and went into the Spirit World to wreak havoc, but the Ten Yama banished Myrtu into the mortal world. Myrtu lodged himself at the North Pole, and spread his breath, "the Darkness", across the land. When a small portion of Raava's power returned during her revival process, her energy began to expend itself on keeping Myrtu locked in Diyu, thus keeping her in a coma until a worthy human could arrive and fuse with her to become the Avatar again. Only when Raava cannot feed off the Spirit World's raw energy to survive, can Myrtu be freed again. Myrtu's wish is to free himself from Diyu by removing Raava's spiritual energy link to him, then blackmailing Raava by threatening to spread the Darkness into the mortal world again, thus becoming tyrant of both the spirit and mortal worlds, along with Sage Khagan, who is immune to the Darkness.

Ten Yama The Ten Yamas are ten powerful spirits that judge all spirits, both the ones that lost their mortal bodies (the dead), and spirits, They are also the determiners of ones final fate. The Ten Yama possess the Book of Death. It is a book with infinite pages, and has the name of every individual in both the mortal and spirit worlds, and the date of their death. Only the Ten Yama have the ability to read the Book of Death. The Ten Yama are the original harnessers of "spirit fire", and use their power to maintain order in the land of the dead, Diyu, although later on, Myrtu was given that task in their place. 

Tai Tai is the First Spirit, and generates spirit energy, simultaneously lighting up both the spirit and mortal worlds and keeping them seperate. He is the only entity that dwells between the mortal and spirit worlds (technically he is neither mortal or spirit). As long as he is asleep, his energy will continue to be spread upon the world, keeping both worlds apart, lighting them up, and keeping them spiritually balanced. Before his deal with Tui, whenever Tai was awake, a moonless night would come and both worlds will merge, causing conflict between the humans and spirits. If Tai's energy's affect on the world alters, the world will become spiritually imbalanced. Only the mortal world has ever been imbalanced; the fossil fuel pollution barrier made Tai's energy decline and tipped the spiritual balance. Tai struck a deal with Tui, the Moon spirit, in a plan to keep him asleep both day and night, and keep his energy flowing in balance both day and night. Tui would dwell in the mortal world, with La, the ocean spirit, protecting her mortal form (the koi fish), and Tui would take Tai’s energy while he slept and expend it for him (in the form of moonlight), preventing him from waking, thus keeping both worlds apart.

Wukou Wukou was a monkey spirit born out of a rock on the top of Peach Mountain (located in the spirit world) at some point at the exposition of the era of Raava, when lightning struck the rock in a storm. Wukou grew up with the other monkey spirits on Peach Mountain, and rose to become their king. Wukou later travelled to learn Bengling, great powers that spirits can learn to use, from a powerful spirit master. However, Wukou, against his master's words, used Bengling for sin. Wukou decided to make a name for himself. He mugged a Sea Dragon, gaining a powerful weapon, the Seameter Staff, and a set of armor, as well as weapons for his fellow monkey spirits to use. Wukou became the first to cheat the Ten Yama into erasing his name from the Book of Death, thus making him "immortal". Because of his troubles, the Sky Emperor decided to give him the title among the Empire's staff in order to dissuade him from more crimes. After discovering that the Emperor had made him a dragonhorse stablekeeper, he went on a rampage through the Sky Realm, until finally he was captured and sentenced to four centuries buried under a mountain until someone would free him. That liberator would be guru Tangseng, a human tasked by the Spirit Messenger of Peace, Pusha, to find the Lion Turtles and save humanity. Wukou would protect Tangseng on his way to find the Lion Turtles. 

Baji Baji was once the commander of the guard in the Sky Realm, and led 80,000 heavenly soldiers. Baji swore an oath never to fall in love and only serve the Sky Emperor. Baji fell in love with a human woman. But was jealous that she loved another man. Baji decided to imprison the man in the Fog of Lost Souls. The river spirit reported Baji's crimes to Emperor. For betraying the oath, Baji lost his immortality and was banished to the human lands, cursed to turn into a pig/man hybrid every night. Baji was later found by guru Tangseng, and helped protect him on his way to find the Lion Turtles. As for the woman, she died in grief, and became a river spirit; she became the Painted Lady. 

Shawu Shawu was once a general for the Sky Emperor. After being demoted by the Sky Emperor for losing a battle with Wukou, then the Monkey King and enemy of the Sky Realm, Shawu destroyed a priceless vase in a fit of rage, disrespecting the Emperor of Heaven and his court. Shawu was given eight hundred lashings and was cursed to become a sand-eating demon that guarded the banks of a river that scared unwanted guests away from entering the Dark Forest Realm. Shawu was later collected by guru Tangseng, and protected him on his way to find the Lion Turtles. 

Huo, Qi, Shui, and Tu (The Four Lion Turtles) Huo, Qi, Shui, and Tu were the original four Lion Turtles that protected humanity. Huo bestowed the power of Fire, Qi bestowed Air, Shui bestowed Water, and Tu bestowed Earth. Since they together have the ability to energybend every living thing in the mortal world together, they can make everyone temporarily immune to the Darkness, and also cure people with the Darkness.

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