WARNING: This is a chapter organizer for Fanon:Cycle's Redemption. This is only for author's reference, and there are major spoilers, and it is not recommended that readers view this.

Book One: Darkness

Chapter 1: Emergence, Part 1

A 13-year-old Sandbender Tribe's girl lives apart from society; civilization is a mystery to her and what she has learned about it only comes from short trips into local towns across a vast, monotonous wilderness in the Southern Earth mainland, stories told by tribal elders, and stolen things. But what young Laisha cannot bear is the fact that her gender is considered a mark of vulnerability and gullibility, thus she is forbidden to bend earth and sand, as the Tribe knows that in this world, society forces benders a path of life the Sandbenders cannot accept. However, Laisha, a curious girl, seeks life as her own adventure. She has secretly trained her earthbending and sandbending by using techniques observed from practitioners of all four bending arts, and has trained in secret with her many siblings. When the continuance of the tribal life is at stake, Laisha uses her wits and bending to bring that life back for her people, at the cost of her moral right to be part of her tribe again.

Chapter 2: Emergence, Part 2

The moment of truth has come, in which Laisha must save her people. In this chapter, Laisha will engage in a battle of shaky stakes in order to try and restore the freedom of her tribe.

Chapter 3: Revival

Laisha has left the life that she didn't want and joined the Order of Spiritual Restoration in Ba Sing Se. After passing her Initiation test in earthbending with unusual yet amazing skill in the the conclusive trial of the test, Laisha is assigned to the Sand Shark Pupil Division, captained by an Air Monk girl named Heema, a non-monk airbender boy named Tsumi, a once homeless waterbender boy named Flint, a cute, garrulous firebender girl named Yeona

Before she can rest, Laisha is wisked away on a new adventure into the great city with her new friends, and introduced to the common society. Unfortunately, her ways of conforming with society gets her into trouble. Meanwhile, a familiar's subsequential trilogy to the recruitment of Laisha is locked into a deadly mystery involving a mysterious person and the mysterious power he/she/it possesses that is intertwined in several recent crimes in the Fire Nation's Capital City, which can pose a deadly threat to the Order of Spiritual Restoration.

Chapter 4: Drunken Master

With Master Hapi, guardian of the 

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