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    WARNING: This is a chapter organizer for Fanon:Cycle's Redemption. This is only for author's reference, and there are major spoilers, and it is not recommended that readers view this.

    A 13-year-old Sandbender Tribe's girl lives apart from society; civilization is a mystery to her and what she has learned about it only comes from short trips into local towns across a vast, monotonous wilderness in the Southern Earth mainland, stories told by tribal elders, and stolen things. But what young Laisha cannot bear is the fact that her gender is considered a mark of vulnerability and gullibility, thus she is forbidden to bend earth and sand, as the Tribe knows that in this world, society forces benders a path of life the Sandbenders cannot accept. …

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    Note: This page is my personal idea page on the universe of Fanon:Cycle's Redemption, especially regarding the spiritual histomythology mojo thats in it.

    In the beginning of time, there was the First Spirit, Tai the Sun, who appeared, followed by the mortal and spirit worlds. Tai is the only entity that dwells between the mortal and spirit worlds. In the era of Tai, when Tai awoke, his flow of energy would be severed, the world would become dark, and the mortal and spirit worlds would merge together, starting a conflict between the first of mankind and the spirits. When Tai slept, his energy will give off light, lighting up both worlds, but also keeping both worlds apart. When Tai awoke to see destruction, he made a deal with Tui, the Moon …

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    Fanfic Idea

    April 2, 2015 by DanChan123

    Note: This Idea is owned by User DanChan123

    During Korra's term as the Avatar, fossil-fuel technology started to become a huge part of people's lives in order to support a huge population due to the rise of the democratic Earth Federation after the Earth Empire's fall in 174 AG, which skyrocketed to 1.2 billion in population. Fossil fuel use, which led to great pollution, simultaneously ill-affected the spiritual balance of the world. Most spirits began to leave to the lands of the Water Tribes and to the Air Temples, while alot of them returned to the spirit world. Spirits began to quarrel with humans that visited the Spirit world, and Korra was called in to help. Many spirits, interpreting the pollution, called the humans and their world …

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