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  • Damonusthegreat

    Right-wing and left politics are important to be in the avatar world. People express their opinions about the politics they chose, and be heard. In Legend of Korra, the equalists have traits of socialist activists and poor workers of revolutions. Struggle and hardship make them strong and persistent. It is for the sake of the people.

    Yet they have some hatred of benders like the germans were to the jews. Balance is to be preserved and kept that way. I hope you appreciate about my saying.

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  • Damonusthegreat

    I would like to know about a new firelord, earth king, and both water tribe chiefs in Legend of Korra. In addition, modern pirates, the successor organization of the Dai Li, and the new members of the Order of the White Lotus. I am very anxious to who will be the other new people in the series. So please don't this paragraph.

    Who's is Fire Lord Zuko's Descendant? Who is the current Earth King for the spin-off series? Who will be two water tribe chiefs? And, to be sane, who will be the Grand Lotus?!--Damonusthegreat (talk • contribs) 00:18, December 5, 2011 (UTC)

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