as you can clearly see by this is me agreeing with a Avatar Wan Page that Zutara should have happened

Avatar Wan Page: Though Zutara (even though it DID NOT HAPPEN AND I KNOW THAT), is starting to overtake Kataang.

So prob Zutara. No offense, but I've never liked Mai for Zuko.

Zutara was supposed to happen. Dang you Bryke *cries*

Me: i agree about Mai and Zuko i hate that couple and as for Zutara i agree with that it should have happened like it was originally going to i mean i hate Mai because her only real purpose is to tick off Zutara fan's and other people and allow Aang the show's hero to have the girl which is so cliche Mai has no meaning other than 1. shes Zuko's annoying emo girlfriend and 2. shes the third member of Azula's trio

Avatar Wan Page: Daniel, yes. She and Aang were the same age. Corey, thank you!!!! My exact train of thought!!!! Again, dang you Bryke! The only thing we could hope for is something like what happened between Kanna and Pakku. ~FA

Me: thanks you know if Zutara happened they could have Zuko cast as like a Father figure to Aang like Katara is like a Motherly figure to him as well that would be nice

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