1. We NEED Plot twist's to happen or else this franchise will get boring. we NEED thing's to randomly happen and stay that way in a crazy and fantastic way inorder to get hooked into the show more and by having it revealed Lin is Sokka's daughter would be awesome and that Zuko and Suki fell in love and got together would be so cool because it's a PLOT TWIST!! 

2. Having Sokka Lin's father means Lin has a evil scientist brother who is is envious and wanting to prove to everyone hes the best scientist ever becoming the main antagonist for Book Three: Change 

3. Mai is so boring and ugly and a crappy character

4. i want to see a army of Cyber-Velociraptor's and Walking Pant's someday in a children's tv show

5. just imagine the twist that Zuko and Suki got married such a GLORIOUS plot twist it would change EVERYTHING it's such a DRASTIC Change and a Epic PLOT TWIST i could just drown myself in tear's of joy

6. Lin need's to have a Evil and Geeky Older Brother who is so envious of her getting all of the attention and love he never had

7. we need DRAMA here people

8. it's already bad enough they just HAD to be jerk's and ruin what could have been such a AWESOME revelation that Ozai wasn't Zuko's father they NEED to make up for it by keeping Mai mcboring broke up with Zuko and Zuko and Suki fall in love and get married PLOT TWIST WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT!!

9. ROBOT'S PEOPLE!! we NEED Korra fighting ROBOT'S for all that is good and tasty in the universe along with mutant waffle zombie's

10. just think of a evil sokka. THINK OF IT!!

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