1: James Movie is not set in a lame fantasy world like Nick's Avatar and is instead in hard sci-fi realm akin to ours but in the future and with this cool new alien planet filled with cool alien's and stuff

2. James Avatar has Mech's. Airship's. Alien's. Floating island's. Mind uploading. Organic Network allowing blue aliens to tame any animal and surf a organic internet

3. James isn't a annoying pest trying to irritate us with false hope and getting disappointed fast because James is a Genius 

4. James doesn't litter his Avatar movie with stupid character's who are completely pointless

5. the canon couples of Nick's Avatar are boring and suck

6. James Avatar has a Alien Gorgonopsid in it while Nick's dumb cartoon has zero gorgonopsid's

7. James Avatar is Sci-fi whille Nick's Trash is some dumb fantasy crap

8. James Avatar is way more realistic

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